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Thanks to all of your Nelson junior and of course thanks to you for listening. You can find out more about Oliveira and his work through the links in the show notes at provision path dot com. And of course, thanks to our wonderful sponsor brevity and wit. Brevity and wit is a strategy and design firm committed to designing a more inclusive and equitable world. They accomplish this through graphic design, presentations, and workshops around IDEA. Inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility. If you're curious to learn how to combine a passion for IDEA with design, check them out at brevity and wit dot com. Brevity and width, creative excellence without the grind. Revision path is brought to you by lunch, a multidisciplinary creative studio in Atlanta, Georgia. This podcast is created hosted and produced by me, Maurice cherry, with engineering and editing by RJ basilio. Our intro voice-over is by music man Dre with intro and outro music by yellow speaker. So what did you think of the interview? Better yet, what do you think about the podcast overall? Please let us know don't be a stranger, you can head us up on Twitter or Instagram to search for revision path all one word. Or you can leave us a rating and review on Apple podcasts on Amazon music or even on Spotify. You can leave ratings for us in all of those places that would be wonderful. Let everyone know about the show that you know because you know it really helps us grow and reach more people all around the world. As always, thank you so much for listening and we'll see you next time..

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