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Extinguisher dry off Land's man in jail. Man who wasn't on fire is charged with a felony after ones into the fire. He was not on fire charged with a felony after police say he sprayed himself with a fire extinguisher in an attempt to dry himself. What police reported that the man Was in a parking garage Tuesday night with an extinguisher and covered in powder. Please say the man had been drinking, fell asleep and woke up went and he was trying to try himself off. Interfering with a firefighter equipment is a third degree felony. That's Florida Panhandle right there. Ah, I'm with your destined beach, Destin, Florida. You said it was a parking garage. Yeah. Fell asleep. I'm gonna go all Ohio. A man fell asleep in his name is David Man, Actually David Man even manage a man man parking garage at Florida State University in time passes as in Northern Florida. Good call Sylvie not to Panhandle. But northern floor right was saying close but very Florida E. Right there. All right. Hope everyone had a great New year's. The entire gang is back. The phone number to reach us is 3123323776 heads up to a listener too. I believe in the twitch Channel. Saying, Hey, take a look at Dan Witters Tweets, have you have you seen what? Dan tweeted here in the last 38 minutes? Is it Is it the fact that the Bears have not won in New Orleans since 1991 correct? So Dan tweeted, with the Bears and and Saints getting ready to play here Sunday at 3 40. Bears haven't wanted the Superdome since 1991 Tom Waddle caught the game winning touchdown pass from Jim Harbaugh early in the fourth quarter. Uh, I don't think it was early in the fourth quarter. I think it was that close to the end, wasn't it? Well, then I'm just reading the tweet. You tell us. You were there You were the guy who caught we sucked out loud for like 58 minutes. And then we drove down and actually beat them. I thought it was towards the end of the game. Like we were bad offensively that day. Most days. It was earlier in the year, right? I know this was the chicken game. Don't you remember the name of the year summary? No, they were eight. Know at the time. I believe seven or eight know at the time and we went down there. We snapped their winning streak, Right? Actually saw this game about eight months ago. We put it on way Had I had a Some of the videos out and my wife and I watched this game They were seven and one. Where we were No, the veins. I believe they were seven and know when we played them work. Are you looking at the record in the box Score act over 27th 1991. That's after the Bears beat them the right way. They were seven and Oh, it was, you know, going in there was this big commercial Like advertising campaign for checking, like every time they searching, that went right, But I asked these guys earlier. Do you know who the linebacker coach for that Saints team was with those great It was four linebackers. There was Von Johnson. Theres rate Ricky Jackson, Pat swilling Sam Mills. It was the best foursome of linebackers in a 34 defense. I think he could have ever put together and you're asking who the line back with linebackers coach was for that group. Chicago time. Bronco time. Vic Fangio. Oh, really want Vic Fangio? I believe amazing. What a coaching career. Could you imagine the phone calls we would get after Harbaugh puts up five for 22. I was off 61 yards. Intersection. Yeah, I took 22 until the final drive right words. And then we took it the length of the field and we we disrupted their undefeated season. Harbaugh was five of 22 wee one yard we were getting. We were just getting killed offensively and that came he ran for 24 yards. I think Wendell Davis had several good catches. On our way to the end zone for the go ahead touchdown into this year. One. Good catch. Really? For 27 yards. How many catches did he have on the day? This is one. No, I thought he had more than that. I'm looking at the stats right here. All right. Well, I must remember it incorrectly that Then I heard Danny. Bring this up that you know, the last time the Bears played a road of playoff game. That was we lost to San Francisco in 1994. When Dion Sanders asked me to officially retire because he was tired of covering me the you say Wendell Davis had a few receptions I thought he did. Harbor only had five completion. I thought on that final. How many did he have for the day? Who hardball had 55 for the day. Yes, it doesn't resonate. I don't know. A lot of stuff doesn't from when you really listen. It's true. That was how many years ago almost 30 years ago for crying out loud. I mean, what do you write? How old are you? What do you remember from 30? Years ago? Why was six? That's my boy. So that's my point. And, like waddle of dollar was getting his ass kicked, then too high to only had two receptions. 17 yards? Yeah. Don't be a jerk. He and I have to be a jerk. Always. We were six and two at that point. Yeah, we were 11 and six on 11 5 down the season. That was the Cowboys elimination, right? That is correct. You had a good great game then too, But here's another Tom Waddle tie, okay? So the last time the Bears played a road playoff game, you have to go all the way back to 1995 Look, Waddell said January 7th 1995 It's the 94 season. I believe lose New Year's Eve. You guys beat the Vikings to get to this game against the 40. Niners. Yes, I recovered an onside kick. You guys lost 44 to 15. Thank you. Yes, yes, 40 Niners and guess who the leading receiver for the Bears was in that game. In the 40 Niners game. The last road player why Tom Waddle had three targets and, of course, three completions. Because if you target time water, you're gonna hit the bull's eye. Three catches for 49 yards take that that led the Bears. Jeff Graham was only held to 33 yards that game. Well, Curtis Conway without 25 yards, and I think I was playing with like a needed was swollen decides my head and a bad hamstring. So a couple of last times here the last time the bears played the they want in New Orleans. Is that the staff that Wieder said Yes, 1991. That's I think that's what he's talking about. The Tom model had the game winning touchdown. And the last road playoff game that the Bears played in. Tom Waddell was the Bears leading receiver. Take that. Take that. That's three catches for 50 yards, fellas. I mean, like, that's that's a good average. Good afternoon, you Yeah. Listen, Do you realize like I was like, How many? How many yards per catch that I average of my, you 500.8. Sticking in your eye. I think you'd be e mean you would be maybe not totally surprised. But how many yards Paree. Like, Okay, How about this, You jerk in 1993? I had 44 catches for 552 yards average 12.6 yards per catch in 92..

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