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Nicholas Bertram, President Trump, ABC discussed on Business Beware


The food and drug administration is temporarily loosening its food labeling policies during the corona virus pandemic to help minimize supply chain disruption and give producers more flexibility among food shortages Nicholas Bertram is president of the giant food company which owns grocery stores up and down the east coast he says many stores are finally beginning to get back to normal regarding stocking I would say that what we're seeing is continued improvement week over week yeah the entire American food supply chain has been hostile and working very hard to make sure that there's more availability and we're starting to see that we're seeing it on the side banners and and the meat department center fresh meat case says really across everything so even though there's not the variety that consumers saw you know freaked out of it it's definitely improving every single week Bertram also tells ABC's Good Morning America some of the things that stores are still having issues keeping in stock at some of the classics we'd be like paper goods and household cleaners those types of things have not yet fully recovered you have some things in the baking aisle and spices that have not yet fully recovered as well then you've got great things that I heard that Edward Gavin good local supplier network like our company does are you really didn't see any impact at all and even in meat poultry and pork the best looking pretty good right now and BP showing recovery albeit a bit slower NASCAR will try again after rain from tropical depression birth so wiped out last night's Cup series race in Charlotte the green flag drops at seven o'clock eastern time four USA radio news I'm Tim Berg thousands.

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