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So yes, right now, I think they're the most determined foe to work against us because they actually did attack us in the last election, you become outspoken voice on foreign policy specifically Russia because of your Intel committee assignment, but if he asked all of the heads of all the intelligence agency anything that they agree on besides agreeing that Russia interfere in our two thousand sixteen election. The thing they most agree on is that China actually presents the most severe and significant long-term economic and national security threat to this country. Why if that's the case when you believe that do you spend the overwhelming majority of their time on Russia? I don't spend the overwhelming majority of my time on Russia. But on the talking about it, certainly on television, certainly your tweets, and certainly also on your legislation the largest bulk of legislation that you've written in response to the president. And also with respect to Russia would say reflects the times that we're in the threat that we face. Good for Margaret Hoover old associate of mine from back in the day for what she did here by getting that was swale well for those who don't know smarmy swallow from the sound of his voice, who's a democrat congressman who has made is made his whole brand really made his whole name about going on TV and saying crazy and irresponsible stuff about Trump and Russia and Russia collusion. I mean, there's a there's a Heinz congressman Jim Hines. I think got a Connecticut. He's one swallow. Well, obviously, the the granddaddy of them all is that incredibly oleaginous because I learned I learned that the proper pronunciation of that word because of the incredible brilliance of team buck. Thank you. Now, the only edginess fellow Adam Schiff. These are people who are only known really. I mean, this is this is how they have built their political brands by being Russia conspiracy maniacs. I mean, just people that are making it up as they go along. And they'll say what they'll say, whatever, Rachel Maddow, whatever morning Joe wants to call them or rather wants them to say sorry. That's what that's what will happen. That's the way that they go about representing the people this pathetic hashtag resistance mentality. Where on Russia is gonna get you applause, and and plaudits from people that really believed that the president isn't Asian of Russia, which as we've been discussing is specially if we are finally in the latter stages of the Muller probe, which I am not. I think the latter stages of the molar probe means we have six to twelve months left. That's what I think that you know, when they see latter stages. They mean, it's not going to stretch for ten years, but they're they're not going to finish this until the election year, in my opinion. That's if you asked me to put money on it right now, I could this is a wild. Guess I none of my sources and DOJ will I think they honestly just don't know. I think only Muller and his team now, and they probably haven't even decided yet. But if I were putting money on it. I would say the Muller Perot wraps up next next fall, you know, maybe around October November. So when we say, we're close to the end it's all question of what does close mean? But I want there to be accountability for the idiocy and viciousness and these these stupidity. The lies all of the stuff that has characterized where the Democrats have acted this whole time and the cost to the country. You know, the cost to the US government to the confidence that the American people's choice in an election will be respected by the establishment. We're always told always undermine Trump's undermining our institutions, and I always respond well in a lot of ways, but one of them one of the ways, I responded by saying that what could undermine our institutions more than the people who are supposed to be the neutral. Executors of the institution people that work in the government bureaucracy people that work for congress and Capitol Hill, and you know. What could undermine our institutions more than all of them working to undo the clear choice made by the people of the United States in the last election to vote for Donald Trump? And look, I agree. It's it's crazy in a way to Donald Trump is president. Now, I didn't see it coming some of you did. And I probably one day I'll I'll sift through the mailbox and the inbox on Facebook. And just go back to the early days of the primary when some of your like buck. I'm trying to tell you. I'm trying to tell you Donald Trump is gonna win this thing. You're not listening to me right now. But you will I did listen to eventually, but were like telling you, this is a movement. I'm telling you, this is different. Look, I was always humbled by the fact as one should be in media. Right. That that some of you saw there so early and I was like, I just can't I just can't see it. I don't think this guy can beat the machine and sure enough I of the machine very few of you will get that reference. But those of you who will will be like buck that was a great reference. So swallows is one the the clowns and chief here for the whole Russia thing. And I mean, here's an here's another example. I mean on I just want to say NPR PBS, the other state media thing is funded for for people to watch. That's where she asked that question. But then there's just the kind of stuff that this guy swallow says on a regular basis without evidence. As is noted here play to at what point do you draw the line and not accused the president United States without any evidence of being an agent of Russia. Yeah, he's betrayed our country. And I don't I don't say that lightly. I work as a prosecutor for seven years, and I train. The country, by the way, we want evidence before you say that. But you said an agent Russia. He works on their behalf after it was revealed that the Russians were attacking our democracy. He went to a press conference and said Russia keep doing it. We're familiar with that secrets have events as cuter. But as a prosecutor that wasn't the evidence in court. The difference between hard evidence and circumstantial evidence hearing evidence that he's an agent of Russia. The I think it's pretty clear it's almost hiding in plain sight is he delusional or just a decrepit dishonorable liar sky represents a congressional district as a member of congress. He gets on TV all the time. Trump is an Asian of Russia says says who how? He just is. It's right there in front of you know, crazy person. It's not right there in front of us. Why should this person? Eric swale Welby taken seriously. Why should anyone take him seriously when he says this kind of stuff and the answer is he shouldn't be answer is this guy is way out of line via. He mentioned Trump saying keep doing it. There's a lot of loose a lot of loose talk around what Trump said, and how bad it was at one time and Trump occasionally does, you know, look he's running around the he's throwing long bombs verbally speaking in the end zone. Sometimes he gets picked off. It's going to happen. Okay. It's going to happen, and it has happened. But they always feel this need to exaggerate. What Trump said which tells you a lot doesn't it or to misconstrue? The exact words are usually not enough. They have to do something else. Here is what member swale said that he told Russia keep doing it. Here's the reference actually play clip three is a total lack of respect for President Obama number. What he doesn't like them? And number two. He doesn't respect him. I think he's going to respect your president. If I'm elected, and I hope he likes me Russia if you're listening. I hope you're able to find the thirty thousand emails that are missing. I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press. Yeah. Saying that obviously trying to be a little tongue in cheek leasing. Yeah. We've Russia if you got the emails that Hillary deleted from her a legal server situation. Okay. The including the classified hundred plus emails that she deleted when emails were under subpoena. That's destruction of evidence. Not only did she traffic and classified information on an unsecure server in clear violation of the espionage act and James Komi in his I'm America's last boy scout routine stood up in complete contravention of DOJ guidelines and jumped on the hand grenade. You save the Clinton administration to be in addition to that she was destroying evidence. She was destroying evidence. We're supposedly the big problem is Trump making jokes about the destruction of evidence that she had. And he says you'll be rewarded minorly by the press. Yeah. As in the press is going to cover that story a lot that would be a big story. One of the part of the whole Hillary, Email Russia hacking thing and the DNC hacking at all, but that never seems to get much attention. This stump was all true. Is that allowed to factor into the calculation here a little bit? I mean, there are a lot of news publications New York Times Washington Post in violation of the law. They think it's not, but it is published classified information that harms US national security on a regular basis in violation of the law. We just are DOJ chooses not to prosecute them. What what about the Wiki leaks dumped on the DNC? And and Podesta's emails what about that is so outside the bounds of what the Washington Post and the New York Times did it for a foreign power. We had a foreigner paid by Hillary's campaign. Christopher Steele using foreign sources who were rushing to weaponize the intelligence community against the presidential candidate. Which one of those things sounds worse to you. We're gonna have to hold these people accountable. The liars cheats, the we're going to have to hold them accountable. Because if this if this Muller probe does wind down the way that I don't know when but I know it will it's going to go out with a whimper. If it does down that way, they're going to try to move this to being a political crime something that needs to be impeached, and we need to make sure that we hold them accountable for all the lies all the stuff they've done that is so destructive in so untrue. People like this super clown congressman swale, well his district should be ashamed. By the way. We'll be right back when you're in a relationship. 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