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The annie e casey foundation shall from npr news this is all things considered i'm yalies you and i'm robert siegel one main goal of president trump's trip to asia is to rally in america's allies there to help put pressure on north korea but two of those allies have a lot to work out between themselves south korea and japan their tensions date back to japan's occupation of korea in the first part of the 20th century and i've seen as tensions play out in south korea where i'm usually based this is the story of one of them over a bronze of a young girl she sits in a chair staring straight ahead with a look of determination she has shortcropped hair as a humble a traditional korean dress she's barefoot next to her is an empty chair she's known as the peace statue whom vision through he hit the girl memorialize is women like on jumps she's now eighty nine and says she's visited the statue often it symbolizes the youth she lost at age thirteen when the japanese imperial army abducted her from her village move human guliani what i remembers that i was forcibly taken out of korea thou and taken to china develop the united nations estimates two hundred thousand girls and women mostly koreans were seized from villages to join japan's military sexual slavery graham before during the second world war one more than you could tap on young what can i say things they wanted to do according to their desires they came to be known as comfort women they served at temporary brothels near the frontlines often tensor wooden shacks surrounded by barb dwyer and they were forced to have sex with as many as seventy japanese soldiers per day could jury madam if he didn't know when they wanted us to do uh uh what more could we possibly do besides just wait until korea was liberated the practice ended a 1945 with the end of the war on is one of a few dozen comfort women still alive the pain of what happened to these women is felt so deeply by koreans that korean populations around the world have put up replicas of.

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