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Komo's Brian Calvert tells us she's now filed a federal lawsuit before a kit strip mall burned to the ground back in two thousand sixteen Linda pop loss key was among the first to report the fire. She was shopping in a store there and alerted the staff of the flames, but a member of the staff told police, the grandmother may have actually started the fire after all she threatened to burn the store down before even though Poploskie denied saying that she was charged with arson spent a month in jail and several months on home confinement, the eve of her trial. However, all charges were dropped when defense attorneys proved that back on the day of the fire. A man admitted to police that he was the one who said it to divert attention from his shoplifting. The fire investigator it at the time and did not provide that information to prosecutors. Leaving the sixty five year old woman who reported the fire as the prime suspect. She's filed suit against the investigator and his employer the Puget Sound regional Fire Authority. Brian Calvert, KOMO news. The family of a fourteen year old girl speaking out after a man followed her and grabbed her in west Seattle Tuesday night. Komo's Tammy matassa can just imagine how terrifying this was with a girl and her family. They told me she never ride the metro bus. But she took it after school. That's when the guy spotted her and when she got off at this stop on sixteenth avenue. He was after her super super scary. Because something like this has never happened to anyone near us close to us or even a so crazy experience the reason for that fear is this man seen on surveillance video lurking in a neighbor's yard before. Police say he grabs a fourteen year old girl. Investigators say just a few weeks ago someone with the same m o try to lure at least one other person in the same area. Girl was not physically hurt childcare workers and early. Learning. Teachers in our state are making barely more than minimum wage. John Burbank, executive director of the economic opportunity institute, which survey childcare and preschool directors across the state. There has been no change over the last decade for the compensation of early learning teachers and caregivers and that compensation runs just above the poverty level average pay for childcare workers about fourteen dollars an hour. Eight percent of the directors who responded into surveys indicate that low pay was a major reason. It was difficult to hire qualified staff. Do housing forecast says it will soon be more expensive to both buy and.

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