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Really, it isn't it's like are you going to be serious about what you do. Well, it isn't ideology in one sense. The the flexibility of ideology, I don't think even good people realize when they're running for congress, and what they have to that is why Bernie Sanders is actually worthy of praise. I have said longtime ago in the shower. I remember saying that the thing that people praise him for his consistency is not something that you're somebody for you have the same views for forty years. That's a problem, especially his his us seventy six that said, I the reason he gets so many props from people and increasingly from me is that he's somebody that actually does exactly what he says. And my Joe critical of him. Usually has an effect that they haven't changed because the evidence is changed, and he hasn't and then the bad thing. Yeah. But the fact of the matter is that you look at that party class. You look at the same coming class. Now, I will respect AO see I will respect she to tell you, and I will respect on Omar, these ones the three people getting a lot of attention if they stick to their guns, and I disagree with them, totally fine. Because it is so disappointing to see so many of these people come in and say, we're limited government this that and the other and the next thing, you know, they're saying these tariffs are really the best idea to fight them. Horrible chinese. What are you talking about? What is wrong with these people? I say interesting the constellation of people who are endorsing the president's tariff. Push. I say one quick thing. Go I shot. I was last. I would say last week. I was in Wisconsin, and Foxconn is in Wisconsin milking cow. Yeah. That's what I was doing. And it's really funny to try to get Republican to talk to you about why they have given four billion dollars in tax payer money. Not not like this actual money. That's going to pay for eighteen to twenty percent the Amazon tax credit. Exactly,.

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