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I'm just saying how much do you wanna talk about it? It's not really an issue when I feel this way about asshole internet troll, guys whipping up this or and t for that like what really are we talking about took the number of human beings that are in either TV or the clan, you're probably fit him into one of my warehouses. I I really I wouldn't want them in one of my warehouse. I I'd probably Breyer houses on. What are we really talking about here? And if we're not really talking about much, then we get back to the thing which is. Lynette sits around along with all the wives. They watch all the true crime shows. It was a sleepy neighborhood. Nobody ever thought this could happen to them. They're young precious. Thirteen role was just walking home from the seventh grade mining their own business when a van pulled up next, Tino, they found they found their parts decomposing in the Angeles crest forest, and it's like all that does is make Lynette think this could happen. And I hope she hasn't Google search Jamie clause in the last few days, if you really oh, you haven't heard boy, I'll keep it me off the win to hear this. The point is is now a whole group of people here that and then that whole group people like Linnet and company they all get together. And they also trading stories and the next thing, you know, no one's leading their kid walk home from school. So you've taken this thing that was a not measurable in terms of percentage points. It could happen. You've turned it into a possible. Ability. And now, we're all frozen, and it's acting the way we're going about our lives was certain dusting, fear and anger in there. Okay. Not a good way to travel through life for. That's what I'm saying. Yes. Let's store story talking about. So this is going on for a while. I didn't report it because everything was so late breaking every second. We just couldn't keep up with it. So now that we have sort of a resolution this girl was reported missing. After her two parents were murdered in their house, and she was just gone. So there's been this search for her for weeks now, and they found her the guy that murdered her parents had seen her don't let Linnet listen to this just randomly picked this little thirteen year old girl out walking waiting the bus. Stop for school, followed her home. I guess made her top her parents. He murdered the parents took her to some crazy like mid forest house in Wisconsin. And she's been held hostage there for eight days. She finally got free and ran into the street and found a neighbor. And now the a the guys in jail, and they're about to charge him. But yes. Yes. I think in Wisconsin. That's where they found her wait a minute. That's anywhere. That's anywhere town USA. I live anywhere could be somewhere that put me. It was it was concept. I mean, this is a national thing. We were gazing amber alerts here in California. We went to Phoenix for the base cable commentary shoes all over the billboards over there, and it was so crazy because the way they were there was this manhunt for her. I was like did she kill her parents? Why are we what's going on so much better? It was so scared, but he made her tie them up. He murdered them in front of her and took her held her captive. Didn't know her just picked her out. So lock those doors linen home school in both the kids talking to help. All right. Let's see Dave Mason. I'll.

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