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Eleven twenty eight on the traffic leader KCBS and with the KCBS six day forecast. Here's KCBS in KPI fives. Mary Lee, a wet and windy start to the day. We're tracking a cold front pushing across the bay area bringing the return of the rain and also kicking up the winds for us. So the rainiest time period this morning, and then finally we are going to see a few showers for later on in the afternoon could see an isolated thunderstorm, but also catching some sun breaks as well, mid sixties inland. Low sixties for the bay and for the coast. Now this trough of low. Pressure will stick around for tomorrow. So unsettled weather continues with scattered showers for your Thursday, finally drier, sunnier weather ahead by Friday and into the weekend. Daytime highs inland Saturday and Sunday in the low seventies and into Monday as well. Now, the bad news because of the drier sunnier weather the pollen count by the weekend is going to be sky high. Thank you, Mary, traffic and weather together on the eighth on all news one zero six nine AM, seven forty KCBS. KCBS news time eleven twenty one health officials say an international traveller infected with the measles made stops at various spots in the south bay. And they believe the public has been exposed KCBS. Jennifer Honda's reports from our Silicon Valley bureau with the latest and international traveler with the measles made several stops from the sixteenth of this month through this past weekend at places like WalMart, Mountain View, two different CVS stores in Sunnyvale even the campus of Stanford. Dr George hana's, the assistant health officer for Santa Clara county. Mtti.

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