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The nfl pretty aggressive a re t- what they wrote spending premium draft picks in the same position group year after year should lead to success. Doesn't always work out that way but it certainly has for washington's d. Line chase young in montana. Sweat both graded out as top. Twelve edge defenders in the nfl. Last season allen was one of the league's best interior pass rushers pro football focus in twenty twenty doron. Pain remains a steady presence against the run inside those four plus rotational pieces. Such as mad. Itis and tim settle have developed arguably the league's best defensive. Line it's funny about ionitsis. There are some. I will tell you there are some that would will we out there. That would say. He's our best defensive lineman when healthy biggest weakness. The decision to release morgan. Moses opens up a potential weak spot on what appeared to be a solid offensive line. Cornelius lucas and second round pick sam cosmi or among the top options to fill that vacancy at right tackle. Yeah charles leno's the left tackle. Just everybody understand that. And i think caused me. He's got a really good chance to be the starting right. Tackle the biggest weakness offensive line. I i actually think. They're bigger questions in the secondary x. Factor of course they write is ryan fitzpatrick and then they get into you. Know the fact that he's had a couple of really good Years here. In his last two twelve best roster you know defensively fifth best defensive top five I didn't mean fifth best. I'd say top five defensive roster as a total roster twelfth. I would probably had it a few notches lower but not a lot lower It's sorta hard to think that seattle you know that their rosters worse than washington's in the is a pro football focus. Same with tennessee. A team that a lot of people think has a chance to get to the afc championship game again. I like india lot. I liked the roster. I like their coaching staff. Obviously carson wentz and frank reich together Are going to be interesting if they can. Sort of create the magic. They didn't philadelphia. I think indy's going to be really good this year. Okay if you're wondering about the you know co-ceo ceo. Tonya snyder story. We pretty much did that on the show yesterday. I will just tell you that. I spent more time. Sort of reading through that journal. Article and tommy nailed it. It's a puff piece man at as it's a puff piece or a very poorly researched piece or you know puff piece slash ground rules and the bottom line is snyder trying to convince people that he wasn't he wasn't as involved and that's the reason for the organization's culture is ridiculous. Him going a step further to say that now that the limited partners are gone That's a big step forward. As if any of us ever thought that fred smith was part of the problem or that. Bob rothman are dwight. Shar were part of the problem. Come on man. I mean deal with reality near. You can't sell that one to anybody. That's been paying attention a kerr. Apparently though the writer of the story either wasn't paying attention or was but couldn't follow up on some of that stuff all right I want to get to this interview and share this interview with you with dan. Grunfeld ernie grunfeld son. I enjoyed it. I think you will too. That's next after this word from one of our sponsors. Are you dreaming about the vacation that you wanted to take in. Haven't been able to take for the last year.

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