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Every time you discuss. Start the practice there's like mucking Canadian Olympic drill right. It's like guys where people are home. It's like got Canada Cop Canada Cup just crazy like it. Ain't that fucking crazy Mike and put up with our but I'm saying the speed the surf like these and I'll never forget I was never like more masculine. Straka was like running on on his skates. Just like runnings never stick down. So I'm like and I'm just like now. Everyone's kind of looking because now it's it's the one pass and then the other guys in the past but you have to wait eight hundred four guys behind you being like this guy snaps tape to tape. I just lay it out there. Just like couldn't not skating gait into it but then he wasn't wasn't even good so he's got to kick it up so he's like and I'm like oh no. This is my chance he kicks. It looks back at me in labs. He's Zayn you're the new guy or the no mamer and camp like whereas like if you're on the team for four or five years and you missed one of the guys make funny on your like ha ha. I WANNA one way or not. You're on a three way and you know what the point you're going to whaling at some point during this adventure like yeah so so we saw anyway that practice goes and I've never seen anything like it. We go for like thirty eight minutes. Everyone's moving and grooving everyone's one's flying and so they go to the board to do some drills and it was like a pause at the board in Mario lemieux's there I'll say Mario it. Mario goes in the Helen. dewar and Margot's I think we're good calls the practice team okay. How's the practice? Hey so over Over all right let's do so. I hold on Biz I try to slide out like right. It's like me and three other guys who are like East Coast guys in this group all right cool and like I think we're done guys great job. Good job guys. Let's go get state and they're like all right. We gotTA teatime see laid up by Mike. Did Joey who the fuck do you think you're going. I mean just practice obese fucking bag and let's go for you it is. I told the story. Ah The podcast before was my first. Nhl Training camp with Pittsburgh. And I was in Mario's group. That's what he keeps getting back. And Eddie Olczyk was a coach and that was his first year as coach coach. And I was in somehow in that group and every every time that you were the team that wasn't playing in the Inter squad game yet because there was three teams. You would beg skied after Yup. Well Eddie all checks I K- boys Greek practice today. We're just GONNA end it off with a skate. And then you hear like a little whistle and look over. What's uh-huh everyone else does? And it was Mario and he he just gives me one of these like Nah. Nah Very similar merger story. And he's like okay. Boys great they must have had a Teton and I was like what what jets coach. Joey ain't banks which it's over so that's a home needs to brophy. You brought all talk. I go to I go down to whaling. I see I've meet. The guy is a legend complete complete legend. mind out of his mind like old school old old school. One drill one for the whole practice. Our pod Mohali told me that they weren't playing great. I play one point skill. Honesty gain aware Parma. Hollywood guy coming off the bus no worldwide. No word of a lie. One of the more had had some guys I've ever played with one of the best practice players ever sierras tire. fucking I was like. How is this guy not in the fucking show? I I said the same thing. And he's actually still playing. He's playing over in Romania which was where he was from Super he told me he goes. Do I never had brophy. Goes Man that guy would beg. Neg Skate. US IN PRE-GAME SKATE LINE IT UP. Yeah back off over in back like what back like. That's my first game. I get down to wailing late. I'm completely sows. Jeez I really wanted to make that Wilkspur I mean up in Wilkes Barre and like all right. It's contractual thing that's gonNA shake out. You'RE GONNA be right back up. grinded rounded out grinded out so I go down so that their season already started so I lined up. I'm in a dark place. I practiced once that crazy like over back. I'm like what is going on. Move into a double wide trailer. I was like what it literally like outside my house. Above all it was it. Was the trucks like downshifting outside the the double wide trailer. Oh with Kirk Bowman and Dillon Gerry and so we go to this thing. I see shawl go. Oh play Toledo is looking over this kid. Maltby who had fought upon Shaw Guy. You're playing in the Toledo barn. Where the wheel? Okay sorry willing so I go over there and I go there. I think I get to start the game. Don't even really talk to them to five ten into the penalty box. You've got this first shift for like start the game I was like I'm not. I'm just pissed them here. Like whatever I get into this thing. I had fought this kid before to five. Get a misconduct seventeen inch seventeen minutes of your entire first parish period. I get out like a minute and a half two minutes left right thing and walk out. I'm like all right. There's no fucking possible way in my mind. Is this guy going to put me back on the ice. He's like and I was like what draw right now. I'm like I've been sitting there tied. My skin felt pardon. Me One second. Let me get back out there like thing. That was broke so then we go play rewarded you for being a psychopath complete psychopath so we go to reading and they just built this building in reading reading the craziest stories I ever had so we go to reading. And it's like one of those games you come off the bus and all all of a sudden you like everyone's like Jesus all of a sudden it's like three nothing in the first period there lot is going on like it's crazy so in between the first first and second period he comes in like I got to wake up so I go over and get this coffee in the coffee that had poor this coffee and it literally. It's it's like Jesus fucking hot lava. I'm like that's hot. That's hot and then I'm waiting for proof. Broke comes in kicks. The door open so he goes over and pours the coffee the coffee. But I'm drinking this hot coffee waiting for this verbal barrage to happen. I'm like waiting for these like the. The air is getting sucked out of the room before. He's like we're going to do that some. I can't even drink coffee and I'm watching so I'm like in a different place mentally. I'm just watching the coffee. And brophy's hand the cop know how hard it he doesn't know hottest. It's fucking scolding kids like Indiana Jones boring off a lot of us right right. So I'm sitting there in the coffees burn. I'm just sitting there. Like Jesus fucking look at this crazy. And he's like he goes and he's like where we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA get high. We're GONNA cycles. I go get it over the line. Get it in and we'll get get shots in the net. Get shots too that we've got crashed all of a sudden this. This guy comes in because right the guy comes in and goes fucking five minutes like right out of News Los. We don't have caught the guy who's GonNa tell you guys come to these like five five minutes offie in his hand so I'm like I'm just sitting on like all right. This is just taking a turn. And so I'm I'm like I still can't drink the coffee this as little yelling. It's still hot. Seventeen minutes of this fucking just him giving it to us goes into kids like three four minutes and the Guy I. I don't think that we're.

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Mario Lemieux, Brophy, Eddie Olczyk discussed on Spittin' Chiclets

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