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The rhinos and poor people. Tolo. On cold Wear. Nice to find a bed. For a cheap price. So, yeah, ready to floor of this warehouse and for very cheap red. It was $40 a month rent, I think. And that's where I said my studio and I got to meet all these street people. I just walked around. I was two blocks from the block. I was just a block or so from the police station to shot Tower was nearby. I could look out my studio window and see the submarine and the inner harbor. Connolly's seafood restaurant. Wonderful place was right at the end of the block, which I love to eat. Bare assed along with Donald Schaefer is like eat there. He used to take me there. E was really there approximately two years, But four, the city of Baltimore bought my building and the community College of What was the community College of Baltimore. Phoebe? Yeah, You know, your Baltimore? Yeah. Took over took over the space where my studio had been, and I have a photograph in the book of the demolition of my block. Yes, the building right in the center of that photograph is the back end of my studio. Which was a 90 ft long room that had the fish market on one end and the police horse stables on the back and must have smelled good. Oh, depending on which way the wind was blowing. But that space was the space was unbelievable. 35 ft wide 11 ft ceilings, and it ran for 90 ft. Through this building. I had Huge wall space tow hang very large paintings, So it was ideal and I really was just getting started when they when they decided Tomo Here. The whole block down. Oh, yes. So then I had to go looking for another studio. But But that's another story. Yes, it is, And we is that the one that burned down Uh, actually, it is. Yes, it was 17 18 Frederick Avenue. What a tragedy. What was in West Baltimore? Yeah, just a blocker. Locker to past year. You square park you lost $31,000 worth of your work? Well, I Yes, I had just brought back a show from ALS paintings from a show. That. Of course, you never really sell out at any of these shows, but, uh, it was the number of people think it was about 18 pieces. It was. Most of them hung back up on the wall, and it was only a day or two later that the fire took place and it pretty much destroyed all the paintings. Mm hmm. Yeah. Connects people. Whatever they give me, uh, the cost of the materials. On it burned up all my clothes. Most of my furniture s so I had a big problem on my hands here. I think I had $400 to my name and burned out studio. So the landlord didn't have any insurance and I didn't have any insurance. So hey, decided the city forced him to rebuild the building. They couldn't leave a burned out building there. So he decided to make a deal with May I could live there Red free for six months. If I did all the interior, re finishing and painting and what have you and he would fix all the electric And the structural parts of the building. And it after that point, hey, would charge me $200 a month rent. Oh, my well, if I was getting the whole four story building for $100 a month Yeah, with that, that that experience of you have to learn to live or when you're an artist? Yes, you do. Write that, when early on. Did you have any problem in? Ah How many meals the Jews to eat today. Oh, well, you know when I was that marketplace Just two blocks away was the Lombard Street market. Unfortunate unfortunate. All the Jewish shops numbers street market happens. Delicatessen. Yeah. Yeah, and all I could walk over there. And with $30. I could buy enough food for a month. Mm. No, I ate very well. You like cars, a great deal, don't you? I love cars. Now you got it. You got an Austin Healey At one time when I was teaching and had had a salary, you're bright. But there was a well that car. Yeah, car was that car was delightful. It's trouble is I bought it brand new. Oh, my cost a total of $4000. Big time time now, and I drove it for 13 months. And I had to. I had to work at another nighttime job plus my teaching job in order to make the payments on this boy. Uh, at the at the end of that, when I When I decided to quit teaching, I decided that car had to go. So I traded it in on another. Much cheaper to dad. And and then later I ended up getting d old 51 Chevy Panel truck. Which I bought from a friend. An artist friend who knew about it down in Tennessee who used to live in my building and marketplace remarked. I went down with some friends and we Paid him $200 for the truck. 200 is this old gray 200 for? Oh, great. Oh, great. Now the windows. Some of the windows were busted out Most of the light. Some of the lights work, but not all of them. But I drove that thing from friends Phil, Tennessee back to Baltimore in 18 hours. Oh, God. Hey, made it. That was the thing. It made it you you still have. I didn't took it down in my dad's farm or where he worked, and I used his tools. A spray gun to spray a coat of paint on it, and I put plexiglass windows and to replace.

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