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JoAnn, you're. On the Ben Ferguson show Hello Hello Go I'm. Okay how about you? Know, well If they wanted, you to go forty one miles an hour. They could have written that on the sign it's. Not a. Question of the speed? That's Said to be okay it's a, question being cooperative and compliance and getting along with the other drivers on the street if you can't, work up one mile an hour worth of. Compliance then maybe go somewhere and sit down All right I there there is Hey legalistic pointed perspective which I agree, with your point, if they wanted you. Have forty-one you'd be going forty, one then there's reality reality is is that there could be a there is a margin of error with a radar gun and my. Speedometer that one mile an hour? Could you. Already answered that yourself When the other guy brought it up he said well then go forty eight now I said I didn't. Say, I would say, that I said I'm sure a judge would say, well that's the. That's the way to. Do it it's okay to stay, under forty all right so you so you are in favor of writing every ticket for one mile over of every person right now. That's listening to trying one mile Absolutely there's somebody in this town who would get smart and not go over have you ever been pulled over Yes And did you get a? Ticket Yes? Were. You going one mile over yes And they wrote you? A. Ticket for going forty one to? Forty No it was thirty one and thirty okay then. So you gotta take thirty one and thirty and you were happy you got that ticket I can't. Say happy but I wasn't upset I I understood that he they. Were in the right Okay, and that's if that is the. World that you wanna live in I can respect that I just I think I think there. Is I think there, is a heavier own. World, where you get to decide what the sign says I again you're you're you're Happy with, it Joy joy. This. Is extremism okay Do you want ticket be written for, every. Person that jaywalks. Ever Sounded trick question I didn't. Hear a question? Do you want do you want every single person that ever does anything that's marginally, outside the line. Something like jaywalking do you want jaywalking every person jaywalks cigarettes. Ticket What does that have to do with the question that, we're talking about. It has everything to do with it law enforcement This is the difference between you and is perspective I don't believe that we have the resources to go out. There and and to write a. Ticket for every driver that's driving thirty one and a thirty that is, not my priority my priority is a safe community I. Think that when you have crime rates where we, have crime rates it is a waste of my tax dollars and resources?.

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