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Three yard line, So that'll be a pick up of five on that quick toss out to Chris Carson. Bring up second out of five. Now. Carson's coming out of the game now, But there was Carson Carson Carson. The first three plays of this, Dr And they're moving, but the ball got out of Russell's hands quickly there and I think that's what they want to do. Jordan Fuller on the tackle, second out of five. Now, Seahawks with two receivers with right single man left. Wilson goes under center brings the tide and display emotion from the left. There's a hand off the Carlos odd running between the hash marks. He runs into a massive bodies and is driven backwards. Give Carlos side yard out to the 44 yard line. And now a 3rd and 4th coming up for the Seahawks, who have not converted on third down of the game. They are over six. You know, Erin Donald gets it gets talked. Here we go fat quickly. Seattle. Get up on the football. Ramsar confused trying to get lined up. Wilson of the shotgun trips left single man right. Here's the snap Wilson back to pass. He's looking rush coming, Wilson going deep looking for Metcalf in it's incomplete. Metcalf had beaten Jalen Ramsey. He was open in the middle of the field, but Wilson over shot him. And on fourth down, the punt team is coming out and the Seahawks are still over on third down today, I tell you, Erin Donald got up kind of slow after the hit on Wilson. But he in fact Yeah, he's still He's still on the field, huh? Yeah. The trainers were coming out. Donald was mostly to him like I'm all right. Just give me a second. And he gets up and he will walk off now. Toward the sideline. Boy, Russell.

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