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Has been held to place online because the covert nineteen pandemic Seattle mayor Jenny Durkan in king county executive Dow Constantine created the regional homelessness authority last December Constantine says the goal is to bring the county and the city together to address the homelessness crisis during this time we are checking her attention to congregate settings places where people are living in close proximity because these are the places where the outbreaks can quickly escalate and we have seen that happen in real time electronic meeting discussed how covert nineteen is affecting the homeless in our region companies time forty past the hour and from the Harley exterior sports desk now wire the C. hawks talking with veteran running backs use como's bill Schwartz yeah they already have six small carriers on the roster but you recall late last season when Seattle had to convince Marshawn Lynch should Robert Turbin to come out of retirement now the hawks expect Chris Carson to recover from his injury but they have concerns about Rashaad penny so several reports have Seattle chatting with former Atlanta Falcons runner divine T. Freeman and the ex Houston Texan Carlos Hyde NFL owners meet virtually next week to vote on a few rule change proposals including an onside kick option the team which just scored could take the football at its own twenty five and try to pick up a fourth and fifteen play if they do so they keep going if not the other team gets the ball a big Washington football road win among our husky classic four to six o'clock Saturday and Sunday on call radio all.

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