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The myriad year clock stopped working sometime after two nakas death. Then in two thousand four, it was totally disassembled replica for the Expo Two thousand five world's fair the National Museum of Nature and Science and to Sheba Corporation we're both part of this project which was intended to analyze period innovations and figure out their engineering. One hundred specialists worked with the myriad year clock for an entire year including the Seiko. Watch corporation calling one of their retired watchmakers in for help just taking the clock apart and figuring out what all the components did took five months in the team discovered that two of the clocks original springs had warped and cracked, which was probably what caused it to stop running putting the clock back together was also an enormous undertaking and in terms of the replica microscopic analysis of the original showed that. Single piece was handmade including individually filing every tooth of every gear. Some of these handmade pieces just could not be perfectly replicated today to Sheba Corporation owns the original myriad year clock, but it is on permanent display at the national. Museum of Nature and science in Tokyo, the replica is that the to Sheba Science Museum in Kawasaki also the October Sixteenth Twenty twelve Google doodle honoured Tanaka Houston two hundred thirteenth. Birthday, it depicts character figure that uses calligraphy like strokes to make g to complete the name Google. This is one of those people whose minds I so admire and feel like, yeah just a complete dumb who can't do anything when I think about all that they're able to conceive of and process do you have listener mail for us? I do this is from Tia and the subject line. Of the email is in all capital letters, the green beans followed by four exclamation points. And he says, dear, Holly Tracy and Steffi missed staff. Yes. I resonated on a deep level with tracing experience of home canned green beans spent a week with my parents this summer helping pick snapping canned green beans in order to share the bounty because they are just that. Amazing I to find fresh green beans. Yucky to my palate they squeak. Yeah. My parents still freeze and Canada host of fruits and veggies from their gardens or from local farms I appreciated learning about the. Origins of canning I was surprised to learn it was so recent in the grand scheme. Thank you for all the work. Do you have been listening for several years now and so appreciate the breadth of scope you ladies cover to other recent whims I especially appreciate it made me. So happy to hear the story of the goats statue and ensuring arson attempts and successes corroborated I used to work as an occupational therapist with high schoolers and yes in this day and age I..

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