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Kristin Johannesen, explains eleven, years ago Michael Diamond scenes daughter Emma, died of necrotizing enter colitis. Just two weeks after she was born her intestines didn't properly form and as, a result of being fed and you get like a little infection Diamonstein a criminal defense attorney will now raise the, Wisconsin iron. Man in. An effort to raise money for children's. Hospital Philadelphia camp any gifts I couldn't give her any birthday presents I could never put my arm. Around her and tell her I loved her and give. Her guide so at least I can do something for her chop researchers are trying to find a way to prevent. The often fatal disease by looking at how antibiotics impact Preterm infants if I can help one person avoid this one parent that doesn't have. To hold their child and watch their. Child draw their last. Breath and I guess I've done something good, Kristen Johanson KYW NewsRadio it's affected major league baseball in New York and some communities In our area one virus, that looks to stick around for a little while longer KYW's leeann Adkins with the story just in time for the, new school. Year it's the season for hand foot and mouth. Disease says Dr Katie Lockwood attending physician at children's hospital a Philadelphia foot and mouth disease which is. Also sometimes called Coxsackie virus encompasses Arash and often that. Rashes on the hands the feet and the mouth which is how it got name and it occurs worldwide mostly in. Children but typically during the summer months and early autumn she says there's no prevention and no treatment the virus will run its course in. A week to ten days it is. Contagious and can be. Spread through sneezing coughing and poor hygiene Lynn Adkins KYW NewsRadio KYW news time ten fifty two Jefferson health sponsors traffic.

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