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Online. Take other people off line and keep rolling so instead this other places that demand that natural gas so there's a lot of natural gas going to heating and there was not enough natural gas left for some of those power plants. God and so then. This is a wakeup call. i just wanna just. Who exactly is a wakeup call to. Yeah well i'd say it's definitely a wakeup call to the people that are running the electric systems because some of this is gonna have to be about like your infrastructure upgrades. I wrote a book about the electric grid about a decade ago and One of the things that i learned from that is that our infrastructure electrical infrastructure. All over this is very very old. Documents obtained under the freedom of information. Act show that before the campfire. Pg new the forty nine steel towers the carry the electrical line. The failed needed to be replaced entirely. There's a bunch of houses in america. That are still operating a knob and tube wiring. Because there's not a big incentive to spend your rennovation money on something like that if it's still working on intel it catastrophically fails alaska minneapolis. Minnesota boston new york. They'll lose power when it gets cold because they build their facilities differently. The question is are we willing to do that. And it's the same thing with the grid as a whole and again we're talking about catastrophic events that also means that in a shifting climate when you might be catastrophic weather events smushed even closer together. It's even bigger deal right. Nagy kurth there in minnesota. By the way what are we talking about. Here is in positive. Territory. oh no it's actually. It's great today. It's like ten degrees. And i went outside and i was like all okay.

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