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Their space. Let's talk about this correlation between the two of you and Meghan explained what Doris is. So Doris research is a workplace we research firm. So what we do is we go into organizations and we help them figure out fuzzy situations and a really broad concept for so we do this via research though so we're a data driven company we have qualitative and quantitative researchers. So I'm a statistician by trade, but we have designed researchers as well, and we go through a design thinking process to really engage and beast people centered and make sure that whatever solutions that come out of this process are tailored toward the organization. It's interesting. This is you design is a creative field, and now you're kind of making it into like a Decision kind of thing. So it's combining that left and It really and bringing those together. So yes, talk about what what what have you guys been doing this collaborative study that you too have been doing together and what are you learning? Yes. So denny actually went to doors and You know we think of ourselves as thought. And we WANNA be at the forefront of of what this is. You know we're we're trying to answer the big question what happens next after this post pandemic what happens So we knew you might have heard like a lot of people say, okay. The office as a thing of the past, but then everyone is having these isolation issues at home. I just read a study about creativity in the work place and we're missing out on those spontaneous interactions that occur that that. Get us get our juices flowing gets US creative. So, we're partnering with Doris on a collaboration study and I think, Megan. Maybe you can give a little bit more detail about what that entails. Yes, sir. Denny Cam to us and said, let's figure out how to really research this with a data driven format and let's look at it differently So we've done some surveys and we've heard and seen the data that saying people are feeling isolated but they also feel productive at home, and so we were really thinking let's dive deeper and so what we've done is we've invited sixteen organizations, five individuals from each organization organization at different levels. So leadership middle-management individual contributors both working from home and from the office and there. Are some organizations that are both hybrid and what we've done we've interviewed them and also asked them to record all of their collaborative encounters on an APP to really dig into the types of collaboration whereas creativity happening is strategy happening how is it happening and then to use that to really think about what does this look like in the future of space and in the future of business we might be productive. But where where are the business drivers behind all of this? What are you finding? What are those? Folks that you're consulting with what are they telling you? Yes. So right now we're in the middle of data collection closes. Tomorrow is tomorrow Friday now today's Wednesday I don't even know. What happens? So it closes on Friday so the quantity I haven't looked at quite yet. So I can tell you though a little bit of about the qualitative data and and we're hearing which really interesting as people They feel productive when they can cross something off of a list right but they also feel a little bit of. Letsie respite or There's an element of stress reduction that happens when you have those spontaneous encounters at the office where you stop by and you maybe talk about Labor Day weekend but then you also can get something done for a project. Oh. Hey good to see you. How is your we he kind? Oh and do you have so and so's phone number I really need to reach out to them or whatever that is, and so it some of that that Camaraderie and the culture building that I think were seeing needs to happen or as most cultivated in the office. It is interesting and Kate. You mentioned it like bing about what the office looks like you know an and what it might look like moving forward especially for someone who's who's you know a company that's been around for so long dealing specifically business interiors this has to be another kind of. Brainstorming event for you guys as well like thinking through issues and problems and solutions to those problems. Yeah. I really think you know it's it's going to be an eye opening thing I this study and what we gather from it I also think this is a great opportunity for us. You know we've worked the same way for so many years This is really going to be an opportunity that we can create whatever it needs to be you know going forward. And we look forward to that and I ask you guys for a fun fact and Kate I. Love Your Fun fact involved cookies. Please tell us all US. So, RJ business interiors is all about hugging your customer we. Have a book that we have to read. It's called Hunker Customer I've Jack Mitchell when you get hired on and part of that is just the little things that you do every day for your customers and one of them is warm cookies. So we haven't Otis Spunk Meyer Oven in our office, and we popped cookies n when our customers come and have a fresh and warm for you. The suddenly everyone wants an in person meeting I, get it. That's right. Well, thank you so much best of luck. This is going to be really interesting and is so intriguing to think about the you know the logistical part of this with the creative part of this and I know that you guys have got to be just as excited as we are. We are. Thank you so much for us. Oh, so glad if he. Can't wait to hear what the the end result is after all that data. 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