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Or or this is kfi and kost hd 2 los angeles twenty four hour news choice nitz helping vets live from the 24hour kfi newsroom habitat for humanity one hundred fifty volunteers to help build homes for veterans on veteran's day whoa homes are going up at two other veteran family uh uh bob johnson was in the air force and has the volunteering since two thousand three beautiful homes the changes their lives habitat la president aaron ray exist most of these vets have steady jobs but for some it's tough habitat makes them really affordable so that families a will not be burdened is homes with they'll be able to continue to all the other thing that they need a my the houses will be per hour long beach monica rigs kfi news news brought to you by veteran anmd semper solaris uh the gas tax may fuel republic pitts i the latest purchase bagged from there for our house was our front porch we got a a firepit for the front porch in it's just gorgeous perfect height up we can eat out there under the glow of the flame and it just is really wonderful they've got heaters if you need them i know it southern california but in those rare instances where there's a little bit of nip in the air you can get taken care of their and they're doing this wonderful thing where they're recognizing veterans and can be a part of this so throughout the month in the.

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