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Ah. This is something that's in the purview of the executive. Branch I think some of these people already lost their. Clearances some people keep their. Clearances that's something that the executive branch deals. With it's not really in our. Purview White House has accused a number of former national security officials of profiting from their. Clearances critics have accused the president of creating an enemies. List that's Capitol Hill correspondent Wally Hindes. Reporting California's power grid operators are calling for voluntary electricity conservation today is part of the US south west brace for another day of scorching, heat Bob Oravec with the national weather service is going to be a very hot. Day in a number of. Spots Phoenix is expected to have a, record high temperature of a hundred sixteen degrees, Tucson one hundred seventeen degrees and, Yuma Arizona hundred seventeen degrees back in California with temperatures expected to top one hundred degrees throughout the. Region the California independent system operator corporation is asking people to refrain from blasting their air. Conditioners wildfires have rates to seaside resorts near the Greek capital city torching homes, cars and force and killing at, least Fifty people rescue crews. Have been searching the charred remains of. Homes and cars in the deadliest of the fires the one in the ruffina area northeast of Athens and they were the death toll could, rise more than one hundred and seventy people being treated in hospitals they injuries including. Burns twenty six of the. Estimated fifty plus dead a believed to, be groups of families or friends who have, found huddled together the country's prime, minister Alexis tsipras has declared three days of national mourning following the deadliest fast season to hit Greece. In more than a decade I'm Charles to the desma on Wall Street it's a strong. Session for.

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