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Yeah. It probably has to do with specialization with these kids high school age. I they you have to pick a sport. Like, you cannot be three sport. It's so bad as three sport athletes in high school these days because if you wanna be a college quarterback, and you wanna be a top caused quarterback. You got you have to be throwing the ball year round. It's almost a detriment for you to be playing baseball and coaches to like, oh, why are you playing baseball at your taking? Time away from getting better at full we'll quarterbacks golfers too. That's the other part of it. Now, I almost feel like there's to some degrees almost become a different sport. I mean, they're trained differently like they personal coaches when they're really young right there when they when they get to high school there recruited differently than other players, right? Like a lot of times you'll see like the kid commits a junior now of a sudden he's like helping the college recruit the rest of his class, and then they get college. And it's like three they're starting transferring. So the college experience is different. And then when they get to the pros, they're drafted differently the bars a little lower like, you don't necessarily have to have a first round great, like if you're a guard, right or you're a lot you need to be outstanding outstanding on the first round at quarterback like he'd be really good. But like there's the like they may be willing to overlook a couple of things because the importance the position. So it's just it's almost like the coming up in a different sport. There's nothing. I I can't think of anything like it in any other. Port. The quarterback is the most important -sition football right now. And it's being drafted that way too. And you that's I think that is showing what you said. And how these guys are not being this now teams are taking chances on them to these guys early Oku. Speaking of quarterbacks are first news item for the week. And I think this one's fascinating. You may be sick of hearing about it. And and and buckle up bet because we're going to be hearing a lot about it for the next month. Or so our first news of the week is the trophy winner. Kyle Kyle Murray declared for the two thousand nine hundred I.

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