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At least had a medical bills pay their trade so they're going to call class action part of the name it's a punt but the opposing council is this reed is for lawyers it turned a ceo one of the lawyers has a woman and the idea is all of the match additions that they go through to try and the new for about what's going on and it it it the play it's not about play it's not beverley written some beverley acted the problem is is that the only woman in the cast who is riddle inch point him and they debut her he has a you know as a dragon is in the court room she is completely unrelenting in successful is miscast you never have the suns when you see born which should produce over this weekend elise the of the condone but have been a much better trust the swimming this is ok it's just you never believed that should go for somebody structure which you have to but other than that i mean it's an interesting play it's it's fun to watch it doesn't them much scenery the acting is pretty good said the real problem is that the the protagonist the person out that you're supposed to believe is the really scary person is is a woman who is not very scary so but if it were thing i had a lee isn't the as the production from the abby theatre about the irish wrap which is just done a huge renovation that took a lot longer than expected and i'm sure cost more money it's three people in a cast and because it's the abby theatre you're gonna have it sure we're accustomed hearing not only to irish accents but the polish accident.

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