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A ride, I'm back with JD short from second generation genetics. Welcome back brother. It's been a long time. Yeah, thank you. It's been like what, two years, two years, and some days. Maybe I don't know. I'm not good with time. I'm a stoner. Ah, yes. Was it pre-pandemic? I think it was pre-pandemic, I think, right after that, we lost our studio and then the COVID hit and yeah, I think at the time you were switching houses or something or having some trouble there. So I think we were all in kind of like a limbo at that time. Yeah. Well, we're back. You were back. And I see, I've been following you, obviously, and you're always doing work. I see that you kind of done a lot of breeding work in the last, I guess, a couple years. You want to catch us all up? Sure. Yeah, so last time we talked, I actually listened to the last episode a couple of weeks ago when you said, you know, you wanted to do another one. And so I was like, all right, where did we leave off? So we left off, I was actually, I was just in the, in the process of being evicted from my home. Yeah. Yeah, and we discussed that. And so I resettled now, but that was last year in February every settled. So I've been settled now for just over a year. And in that course of that year, I got back on the tracks so to speak and doing a lot of hunting and made a couple new crosses and doing some collaborations with DJ and lots of stuff going on. I see that in it seems like you're doing a lot of specific intentional breeding. It seems. I mean, I know that sounds funny. It's all intentional, but you've been picking some specific lines and actually you've asked your followers for a couple inputs too as well. And what's behind that? What's your reasoning for the strains that you're starting to work with here? Sure. We had, I think, I think it was with you that I mentioned before. I don't remember hearing this on the last episode of be honest, I skipped around a little bit. They're long episodes. But I think it was with you that I had mentioned that I previously because of my living insecurities and my housing insecurities, I was never able to actually open up seeds that I wanted to or that I wanted to risk losing. And so since I have reestablished myself in my house, those housing and securities are gone now. I'm buying this place. So I am now opening up feeds that I want to, and I'm doing projects that I want to. So that intent is there. It was there before, but it was kind of scrambling along a little bit. One of the I used to love me using the term, the limp along projects, those pre 2022 most of my work consisted of limp along projects. I just would throw things together as best I could and in the last year, I'm still limping along. I'm not going to lie. But there's definitely more intention to what I'm doing. Currently now when I'm working on now behind schedule, but that's okay. I'm finally that's the intent, like there's no schedule with these plants before there was a schedule, but now I'm behind schedule, but the project now is to open up these skunk one feeds. William on your skunk one exodus seeds and look for a male in those and play around with that. I've been that I'm rainbow now, but I'm stoned. And so here we are. I've been holding that stock that exodus stock and that cheese stock for a while. So we'll see what I can do with it. Now that exodus that cheese stock, you mentioned skunk two as well. Am I hearing you right on that? Yeah. Okay, now that's something that I've been searching for for a few years. I know in the last couple that people, it became a trend where people are really trying to find some either good skunk or original skunk. I'm referring to is actually stump one. Okay. I'm not sure if you're familiar with the difference. Or actually if I am familiar with the difference, I don't know if anybody is interested the damn name game is just it got out of control, especially skunk is the perfect strain to approach this issue with because of how much it's been. White label, as a matter of fact, my understanding of the difference between skunk one and skunk was was that I believe that Scott Juan came up because somebody tried to pass it off as a skunk and the communities that know that's not come so then they had to call it comp one. I don't know. I mean, I don't know, I don't follow the hype and the stories and stuff. So I just go by my intuition, what I assume, so I could be totally off base there. But I had that conversation with people online before and other people and community, and that's our understanding of how it played out as well. Is there any other stories that, I mean, what are the other theories behind it? Do you know? No, I do not. I don't know, we're just, I'm rambling now again, where to even start that conversation or where to go into that conversation. If I remember correctly, and again, I don't follow these names in this highly stories often because they're so full of inconsistencies and mistruths and I just don't waste my time following them or the hype, which is the double edged sword I wish I had more time to do it for these purposes. These conversations are here, but if I remember correctly, the skunk one was Sam's function or you know, isn't it? I mean, they're dying right now listening to us. I know they're probably got all the stories. I don't know. I'm just a searcher of information right now because for me, I know I've had it. I know I really like it, and I know I'd like to find it again. What's original, what's not, where it came from, skunk one. I mean, if I remember correctly, it was Sam's Compton was the one that if that's the name, you know, it's a voluntary side a little bit, but if I remember it with dance gunk, and so the difficulty I had with some of the lore behind the skunk one was that I left off trying to follow the story was that Sam supposedly, and this is the flight on Stan. I don't know, Sam, I just, this is just how I interpreted the story was that suppose that he was credited as the creator of the stump one, but then when he was pushed to he said that he had this view original feedstock, but then when he was pushed to prove it, he claimed all the time that he could recreate it and then I don't know if he ever tried to recreate it. I'm assuming he did. I don't know why he wouldn't, but I would assume if he did try and recreate it. The community didn't agree that that was the skunk one that they were chasing. Similar to probably how the community feels about a lot of the commercials about DJs and blueberry. And I only bring that up again to just make sure that people understand this isn't a slight on Sam or DJ or anybody like that. This is just my interpretation of these stories and none of that really matters. All I know is that so the skunk one stock that I'm working with as well is that sacagawea, I got from Sonny chiba. There's skunk in that lineage and whatever the selection T did to bring that back into YouTube fruition. In my opinion, really skunk one heavy. And

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