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Tation bloating it just feels like we're destined to put up with these things month after month but it turns out it's not just your body that's to blame for these issues a lot of the time it's the products you're using to manage your period that can actually make your symptoms worse that's why you should try the flex disc flex was designed to change your period and your life it's on a tampon or a cup it's a flexible disk that fits perfectly inside your body and once in its place you can't feel it at all and if you're always on the go you're going to love flex it holds five tampons worth of fluid oh my god is that insane and you can wear each disc for up to twelve hours oh that's cost effective really is an unlike a mess cup flex discs are disposable and easy to change when you're out so you can easily go from the office to happy hour and beyond you'll only use to disobey which means less waste and it's better for the environment flex is completely body safe it's fda registered hypo allergenic and made without bpa fell aids late tech's or silicone you know what that means people i can use that to so flexible slow you down on busy days hold you back at the gym or keep you from living your life ever have the most comfortable period of your life go to i hate tampons dot com now and use promo code heather to get an additional thirty percent off your first purchase that's promo code heather at i hate tampons dot com for thirty percent off flex i hate tampons dot com check shenanigans with sheena shea every tuesday on podcast one shout out right here everyone's favourite from vander pump rules shares juicy stories from behind the bar with amazing guests like southern charms ship rose and i was like hello.

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