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Writes, a letter to McCoy attorney Perry Cline, assuring him to the hatfields. We're very sorry for all the trouble. He would have prevented the violence if he could have and not surprisingly the feud continues. I feel like we've gone way past the point of an apology letter to clean everything up right now. Right. Just dearest random coop opera. Few Slee apologize for the death of another one of you'll feel the dog full kin on know that the past few years have been hard on you with us hatfields continually whooping Apollon you McCaw so so severely in so consistently sometimes I'll lopsided feud. Looks like a big strong man fatten Atanas sickly baby must be hard to think about how how it'll took three. You'll boys to bring my brother down. And then you'll boys will within killed, you know, soon full that. He'll yo Dada Roseanne is still unwitted that's a pity. She was so beautiful. And now now it be hard to find the man willing to make meal out of my son Johnny's leftovers any who saw from clan killing another one of your kin, a deepest, condolences devil. Hatfield PS. We did steal. You'll mother fucking hole in not did kill you'll brother as Haman had feels forever. Probably probably a little bit nicer than that one. But it, but it still doesn't end the feud in the spring of eighteen eighty seven Jacob and Larkin McCoy sons of as Harmon nephews of all rantel brothers to Mansi marriage. Jeff God, dang, man. I feel like I need to have one of those detective things like like in their in their war room where they have like all the different people on the wall. And then just lots of fucking string connecting everybody. Spring eights ninety seven Jacob look at McCoy sons of as a Harmon nephews of rental Brotherston, Nancy Marion Jeff cross the river into West Virginia to capture cap Hatfield and Tom Wallis for the murder of their brother. Jeff, the only managed apprehend. Tom Wallace take him to pike county jail after a week of incarceration, he escapes. Of course, people escaped all the time from Joe back. Then we've talked about a lot here in the second. And then a short time later, maybe his escape was convenient to maybe they wanted to let him out to get a vigilante Justice because a short time later, he's found dead in West Virginia. Identity is killer killers does remain unknown. But his death all like all likelihood caused by Jacob Larkin McCoy, either directly or indirectly so small possible victory. Probable victory for the McCoy dock. They didn't kill a Hatfield, but they did kill Hatfield associate in the summer of eighteen eighty seven Simon Bolivar Buckner run on the democratic ticket for governor of Kentucky McCoy family. Attorney Perry Cline reaches out to Buckner. Promises to lend him the political sport of the McCoy clan. Not insubstantial number of people in exchange for his intervention in the various cases and indictments pending against the Hatfield. So he's trying to he's still pissed about that five thousand acres, and he's trying to basically bribe the governor to we'll help you become governor Kentucky. And then you help us squash. These fucking hatfields and Buckner is receptive. The idea and then elected governor of Kentucky in August. Eighteen eighty seven. This is a win for the McCoy's the hatfields understandably concerned about this arrangement..

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