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Good morning, good afternoon. Good evening whenever you're listening to this, it is so good to be back with you. Ice, oh my God, I had a great honeymoon, but I'm just like at home, I was like, I need to turn on my league pass and hear your voice talking to Brandon. It was great. First of all, I missed you. How is the honeymoon? So you went to Greece, Croatia, and Portugal. Portugal. Okay, cool. Okay, what was your favorite? Croatia, for sure. Okay. Wow. Yes, highly recommend it to everybody. Split is fantastic. We also went to a little island called a bar for a day slash night. It was great, wonderful. In Greece for in Santorini, pretty much the entire time, which is just like stunning. Couples everywhere. Yeah. And extremely expensive. But also, actually, fell in love with Greece. My wife. So and of course she knows that you played in Greece and she's I okay, well, you know, whenever ice goes back, if she does, we're going to visit her wherever she's at. I'm like, okay, well, you've got to meet her first. She's got to like you. I've passed the test. You haven't had us. Ashley has faith. She's seen on a personality. She has faith that we will Jill. That's funny. You gotta bring her to a sun game. I know, I know. We'll plan it. We'll plan it. Okay, good. I do have a bone a bit with you. So, you know, last year, the sun lost one home game, but John quill didn't play this year. You've already doubled that. Yeah. You know, I'm here rumblings that they're blaming the plate by play people. I don't know. Ah, you know what? I'm gonna say one, Brendan does jinx our team a lot. Brian and his dad broadcaster that would be like Brianna Jones is four for four from the floor tonight next layout mix. And it's like, oh, okay, and I just look at Brennan the whole ten minutes, I just stare at him. He's like, I know, don't say it. I don't have to say it. Everyone else listening knows.

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