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New figures from the secretary of state's office show new voter registrations are more than double the number before the twenty fourteen midterms according to the Zona Republic. Most of the newly registered voters are independence rather than Democrats or Republicans election day is Tuesday November sixth former presidential candidate. Bernie Sanders is the latest big-name headed to Arizona ahead of the midterm election. The Vermont Senator will join democratic candidate for governor David Garcia and others at get out the vote rallies next Tuesday Garcia says Sanders will help increase voter turnout than the voting population. Looks like the demographic population. We'll have an idea of what the true voice is. And Bernie Sanders is going to join us at both of our university campuses and doing a phenomenal job bringing young people out to vote they will appear together at Jefferson field on university of Arizona campus in Tucson and. And then at ASU in Tempe, and here's something that's a little scary. Arizona is among the states that have recorded cases of polio. Like illness officials with the Zona department of health services say there have been two confirmed cases of af FM in the state so far this year. But details are being kept under wraps. The illness is said to attack a person's nervous system, causing weakness in the arms and legs. Authorities say about ninety percent of the sixty two cases across the country. This year have been in people eighteen years old or younger in there may be a variety of causes. That's Jason Campidoglio reporting. I'm Greg Paul KFI AM seven ninety Tucson's. Most stimulating talk with only a kite. Husky and hamstring Benjamin.

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