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Up. We'll hear reaction. That's okay. Speechless. Really? Checked out. Puppet hand on the boob. Drive home with him. That technically the puppet is a Jesus touching your. That you can tell he's ready to do that March dance and have a shot. That's all I can't sit mapping. Lori sitting down with their one wing trying to put back on her underwear. By the way. That happened to we can forget about all right? Well, let me tell you about Ellen peyot defending Kelly Ripa that against the bosses of the bachelor, who clapped back at Kelly, ripa's, disdain for the bachelorette, so Kelly Ripa on Tuesday on live with Kelly and Ryan said, you know, you guys know how I feel about the show the bachelor ever likes it. On the show. She's never been a fan. Yeah. And then Chris Harrison, the host of the bachelor, and the creator of that show. Mike, Fleiss, took the social media to shoot back with responses, like look at slur nation Kelly Ripa coming after you and your disgusting Monday night habit. They were trolling her. Or so bad for that show, they're like, let's make something out of. Thank you, very and so it was Mike Fleiss is common in particular that caused Ellen Pompeo from Grey's anatomy, really clap back at that. So the clapback has clapback. Here's what Ellen Pompeo had to say. She said okay at Mike, Fleiss. That's some handle, bro. Your show, does not pay Kelly Ripa salary. She said also, we don't attack successful woman on our network. ABC and men certainly cannot take credit for their success. Don't get me started on your show 'cause I'm a savage. So. And then she ended her message with the hashtag bachelor so white tab. Yeah. Well, because Mike, Fleiss basically said, hey, that's how your salary gets paid. The most dumb thing a man very sexist to say. Of course, it is very sexy to say, and I'm glad that elephant peyot entered into the conversation because she's arguably one of the most powerful people at ABC period. Yeah. With Grey's anatomy, executive producing it. Starring in NBA were in Chris Harrison tried L for that job. Yeah. I think Chris, they just they're desperate. They're I mean, they made that Hannah the poor people to sit down with that deadly. Dull having. At the time. E. So it's the readings are just down like probably eight percent. Yeah. Becca was gold for them because she was older mature. She came in on a scandal that was memorable. There was a lot of buzz behind. Her name was handled. Right. Yeah, there's just not a lot of votes for this interruption of the bachelorette. And that's okay. Yeah. And you can have an opinion not to like it. Yeah. We're not even now. Season. I won't be back with bachelor nation until all hell and STD's breakdown. Repaired ice. Induce frog. That's what's going on with that show. That's all it is. Well, of course. That's all it is. Anyone thinking through happening on the bachelor bachelorette, I'm sorry to break it to you. Not really the case. All right. If you're looking for a job I got a job for you might need..

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