Mcconnell, Donald Trump, Jim Bakker discussed on Waking Up with Sam Harris


I mean, he and his wife Roma Downey I'm they're extremely religious, and that's I think that always colors everything. I think they like Trump. Yes, just like Trump. Do you think. Came out of no. I actually do. I think I gotta think it's Tarim on. I think it would be an order of magnitude worse than the Billy Bush thing. The something about the word as we talked about this, something about that word, especially uttered in earnest if as represented to me, if the contents of the tapes are what I think they are, you have someone maybe like the Mark Furman tapes you years ago in this Mark Furman not Trump right up Scott. A special Trump's already said the most horrible ill but has yes. But he hasn't said that he hasn't said that we know that he has. I believe those tapes don't exist. I think Still still the tapes the tapes existed. existed. I think every micro-second of actually hearing the way he said it would matter in a way that the abstract knowledge that he must have said it behind closed doors, doesn't matter. I hope you're, I don't think anyone who is with him, still cares, and I don't think anyone who's against him meal. Meal, you would be surprised. We're in our camps disa- mansion the press conference that McConnell and Ryan and everyone else would have to have today support him saying, yes. Say they've had so much practice about it? Yeah, they blow it off. They know how they know how to blow it off and denounce it sort of and then move on. And you know, they, they've come to make normal that he's the president and go on as normal gross Republican manner. And that's the reality that we live in. I don't think it would make any difference. I don't think anything would make any difference at this point again to bring it back to our subject today, they're in a cult. It's just like a cult. He is a cult leader. That was part of my thing. I was trying to say the other night on the show is that he reminds them, I think of the avenge Ellicott men that they grew up with on TV. We showed the, it was funny, you know, he has Jim Bakker's hair and Tammy faye's makeup has what was it? You know, he had a fake university like a Pat route, no, like like fall. Well, he swaggered as the ad medi them has sex scandals that he gets over, you know, doesn't pay taxes, prosperity gospel. Yes. If he is not the to me of the oppressed Barety gospel guys. So it's a trance transit. Those people that are going to stick with them like the women who are marching for cavenaugh. These people are in a bright alternate realities, and there's nothing that's going to crack that something might crack at some point, but you don't know what it's going to be. It might be something totally an advert. But as of right now, the Democrats get the majority which they seem really committed to doing was necessary. You're not gonna have anything change after Twenty-eight. Chad is a subject for you or Andrew Newberg member in the movies. You're the guy who would, you know, narrow.

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