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At benches name shots in the air. And it is good. It's a one point lead. Now for the musketeers thirty nine thirty eight. Free minutes into the second half. Here come some four pressure and cow scrambles is he wanted the pass with the Paul Scruggs? In Paul's passing lane was shot. Suddenly shut down and college committed dragon the pivot should no doubt about the traveling. Call. Cow castle got played with more confidence. Got to play like a grad transfer, not a freshman jaybird a man to man defense on the inbound plays lob here, the time line caught by picket will give it up to the point guard Kinjo working in the right point out a picket much side of the floor Macron with the basketball fakes left rise right into the lane. Close it up off the glass. No good. Tried to spin it in or got a whistle. A hankins comes down with the rebound. The block is called for a foul mcclung. Boy, he is. He is a brass player. I mean, he he's got so much confidence that he just take some chances. And that time he he tried to shoot that over three Xaver defenders one of them have six eleven defender in hankins that one had no chance going in. What he did is he threw it outside the square, and he put enough English on it to try to have the backward. Try to do. Just right spin it in. Players can do that once in a while. Top of the key Marshall with. Behind the back move takes him inside the top of the key, buddy. Immediately backs out to the three point line, but good with a data polish gross. Working on the west side of the four pulls up for a jump shot in the right side on the way. Good for three Scruggs danced with them. Shook him up step back. Three rightness face victim. Play by Paul scrubs leading score for the musketeers with fifteen. I drive at amiss layup and a whistle. And a foul was a Kinjo drive in from the right side of the floor bumped on the way to the bucket. He'll be the line for two shots. Vince got a playoff Kinjo Kinjo's not has not really shot the ball well from the field in this game. But he wants to get by you make him score over an extended hand. He's the smallest flare out there kind of like a little jitterbug. Joe's first free. Throw was good. Forty two to thirty nine. Xavier with a three point lead. Kinjo steps up for the second free throw on the way all show perfectly done. Two point lead for the musketeers forty two four no four pressure by Georgetown this time. Save your walks across the time. I put good and command of the basketball tonight as you Marshall. We're working against a two three zone. Left side of the four Paul Scruggs into the paint package will the jump shot. Make it a hook shot good for to a rainbow hook shot. He throws at hook just about as high Nares anybody I've seen and he's deadly with the is Joe was no one's blocking that Xavier leads by four forty four. Forty Kinjo drives them. Elaine, kicks it back outside go van down the lane. He traveled. They didn't call it. The ball loose on the floor. And now, we've got a whistle. And a foul called will go against a musketeer. I believe that's going to be nausea Marshall that'll be his second raking. Go Van Gogh van was out of control. He ran over Queen Gooden Xavier was kind of waiting for the call. No, call came fifteen forty to go timeouts been called Xavier forty four Georgetown, forty this Xavier basketball from learfield on seven hundred wwl w Xavier fans..

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