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Thumbs up I think people have to remember so much that other people is destiny has so little to do with what goes on in their life. So why do you care of someone else's? Life setup is very different. Yeah. I you know I'm very fortunate. My husband works from Home but my mother-in-law lives too far away and obviously my mom's passed away. you know some people will have grandparents helm out during the week and So I think everybody, you know uses the resources that they have completely absolutely and everybody's trying to make it all work actually and. Unless you're one of the people in the family life you probably don't really know what's going inside. So he's probably step back from being judgmental nobody's getting it right all the time lows bins where it does go a little bit wonky and we'll be. And it's it's I. Suppose that's Instagram. Idea of how everything is where you can feel Oh, they've really nailed it and what about me? Actually I do think I do that to myself sometimes I have a kind of Mum's net forum somewhere in my head weather kind of. Stepping away saying. Well that's fine. It's fine. If you want to do it, I'd pressing. I never would. I think I think I've got better at recognizing that. No one's really. Feeling like they've totally nailed a whole judgement thing It's so destructive destructive. So destructive and negative, and let you say who knows what's going on with people's yes. Yeah. Well, I think you know does feel that maybe. The tide is turned. From the next generation, they might be a little bit better at thinking about what goes on. There's been so many things culturally whether it be happening to people and their real lives or three TV's and dramas and stories, and even my son eleven year old son simply today was about being kind and trying to see people for who they really are rather than you know stigmatizing them. I think I..

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