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Rocky twinning your whichever one it was rocky cuts ivan drago and as soon as rocky gets in his rain his trainers are telling him you cutting me he's bleeding he's not machine he's a human being and only other end ivan drago is going no matter how hard i punched his guy no matter what i give him he still continues to come at me and fight and that's exactly what happened in this fight and that's that's all mostly good analogy of what this is this wasn't rocky verses apollo creed this is a rocky versus cleverly and yes i muezzin rocky references because it was the philadelphia eagles i mean what else can of references would you use for philly sports team you gotta go with rocky it was rocky verses ivan drago that's what this super bowl was ivan drago specially after eight fault and killed apollo creed spoiler alert if you haven't seen the movie which is like two people but nobody liked ivan drago except for ivan drago fans nobody likes the new england patriots except new england patriots fans the whole world was cheering for rocky the whole country with cheering for philadelphia and no matter what new england through with them no matter how hard new england fought philly was standing there tototo swap and blows with them all night long and how 'bout glick folz how 'bout nick falls we have to talk about nick folds in the super bowl i mean we we have to because to a degree us stat line if you could start line tom brady probably had the better night but to a degree when it came down to it the folds made the play tom brady got stripped for a fumbled it ended up costs and the patriots the game now obviously there's different factors that go into tom brady getting that fumble stripped away you know breakdown an offensive line coverage a great play by the fund seven for phillies defense but at the end of the day nick polls toe to toe with tom brady and he came out with not only super bowl ring but an mvp trophy.

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