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This is WNYC ninety three point nine FM and AM eight twenty NPR news and the New York conversation. Live from NPR news in Washington, I'm Nora raum. The federal government is now in the eleventh day of a partial shutdown NPR's Windsor, Johnston reports President Trump and congressional Democrats appear no closer to resolving their dispute over money for a southern border wall House Democrats still refused to approve Trump's five billion dollar demand for a border wall with Mexico. Instead, they're expected to kick off the new congress by introducing a legislative package that would reopen the government the measure includes full year appropriations for six of the seven outstanding funding measures and just enough money to fund the department of homeland security, which is at the epicenter of the border wall. Standoff through the first week of February NPR's Windsor Johnston on new California law that takes effect today. Allows public access to police records in use of force cases, capital public radio. Ios Nadine survive reports it's a victory for first amendment advocates California has a reputation for being secretive when it comes to revealing information on police misconduct. In addition to shedding light on us to force cases. The law also allows public access to sustained investigations into on the job dishonesty or sexual assault. Police departments will still be allowed to redact information and under certain circumstances established timelines under which they can withhold records. Capital? Public radio's Nadine survi-. This is NPR news. And this is WNYC in New York at six thirty two. Good morning. I'm David I mostly cloudy this morning becoming sunny today. It is fifty four degrees. Now Letitia James has been sworn in as New York's attorney general becoming the first black woman to hold statewide office. The sixty year old democrat took the oath of office in Albany just before midnight last night. She will participate in an inauguration ceremony on Ellis Island today, James. Predecessor four year old Barbara Underwood was appointed in may when Eric Schneiderman resigned amid allegations that he physically abused women Underwood did not seek election and is returning to her former position as the state's solicitor-general police are looking for a group of teens suspected of stealing an empty an empty MTA bus parked in the Bronx last week. The NYPD says the boss was parked near a hunts point shopping centre on Sunday, December twenty third when the group took it for a joyride police say the six suspects, drove the boss to various parts of Brooklyn and queens before bringing back to the Bronx undamaged just blocks from where it was stolen a date. Earlier a group of three stole a city Boston Brooklyn police say the two thefts may be linked..

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