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I'm Cooper Rummell. I'm Jan Stevens is coming up after a CBS covers the world at nine o'clock. CBS news on the hour. Real news real reporting on Tom Foty, nearly three hundred people are now known to have died in a series of targeted suicide bombings in Sri Lanka. The targets included. Roman Catholic churches and hotels popular with tourists. Nearly thirty foreigners or among the known victims, including an unknown number of Americans. Anthony's shrine in the capital Colombo volunteers carried away the wounded and the dead. Who'd come to church this morning to celebrate the most joyful day in the Christian calendar at another church, Saint Sebastian's about twenty miles outside the city, an explosion destroyed the roof, Sri Lankan police believe all the blasts were caused by suicide bombs. That's correspondent Elizabeth Palmer on the nearby. Asian mainland in India their habit. More than a dozen arrests in connection with these bombings. But so far, no indications of the links. Sri Lanka is mostly Buddhist. What has large populations of Christians Hindus and Muslims? CDS? News security analyst, Paul viola says experts have been worried about an attack like this somewhere expected not necessarily in Sri Lanka, but somewhere on the globe or Easter Sunday. Law enforcement has been gearing up for this for the last month or so so this is certainly no surprise the law enforcement community or the national security community. President Trump has spoken with Vladimir's Alinsky like Mr. Trump. He has just gone from TV personality. To president elect of Ukraine. Zoellick's case claim to fame came before his off election from playing comic president on Ukrainian TV. There was plenty of weekend fallen off from the Mona report at least part of a nearly four hundred and fifty page summary now widely read the spin cycle revolving in opposite directions from Trump personal attorney Rudy Giuliani on CNN president is innocent those echoing the early total exoneration claim from Mr. Trump that has now turned today's afresh foot Twitter attacks on the Miller report for key democratic house committee, chairman that report now is seen as something of a roadmap. But the question is to what a move to formally accuse the president by impeachment. I think it's a very difficult decision. And we're going to have a caucus about this over the next couple of weeks to try to figure out what the best course is not for the party. But what's the best course for the country? House intelligence committee chairman Adam Schiff on FOX roadside fuel costs still on an upswing industry analyst publisher trilby Lundberg. Jumping this time. It's an increase of thirteen cents over two weeks to an average to ninety one. It's been a sixty cent jump so far this year and in the past four weeks twenty five cents up the lows around Baton Rouge. Highs around San Francisco, this is CBS news. Punishment redemption? Even the most demented. Hollywood writers would not have dreamed up ending like this forty eight hours Saturday on CBS. I'm.

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