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Overlooked all right. You've got a big heart. We know you want to put every wide receiver in some college wide on the top ten list. So we're gonna try to graphics issue. It's not it's not a you issue. it's just the graphics issue jumps out to me. Bran is pretty obvious ryan. Hails should feel really happy. I can make an argument that you know we talked about pass. Catchers mahomes should also be happy. Because he's got travis kelsey or travis kells. Perhaps we're not quite sure anti re kill on. We know that tannahill got julio in aj brown there and then also sort of like in the spec specter stiff. Arming people trying to get on the list. Like no dude. It's not a running backs was is derrick henry. How good do you think ryan tannehill perform going to be now that he has so many weapons. I'm so glad you you're highlighting that. This should be the most explosive offense in the national football league. Not in yards not in touchdowns but talking about unstoppable. They should be able to make plays whenever they want to. Why because they have often to line a really good offense line they have a run game the best running back in the game right now the toughest running back in the game right now. What does that mean. It's all about numbers. Okay if you wanna put eight in the box. Guess who julio jones on the backside eight brown of frontside so it's one on one baby now you've got to lean that safety rock and roll. Put that safety over to the why now you got. Julio jones and i could do whatever i want so ryan tannehill just got to look at the numbers and take the events if you wanna put a in a box and stop the run. That's fine we've got three rows we can beat you guys hear me talking about it over and over and over again they slant nonstopping back sold or go ball like that's all you gotta do and if you want to say you know what let me play cover to let me play coverage. Let me double. Now you're talking about the biggest holes with the best running back in a dc a really good offensive line. You can't stop these guys so ryan ten. Hey you have an excellent year. Just managing the system. Either yes it. Can we put that top backup. Because there's a lot of things. I want to discuss here but something while listening to you guys talk. Listen to brandon's top receivers list. And i heard de'andre number one devante adams number two and step on digs three and then i heard you talking about the titans in their weapons and just what i was thinking about man think about how good patrick mahomes would be if he had that type of help that aaron rodgers that josh ryan tannehill because like i mean just think about it like year mahomes finishes third in the. Mvp voting behind rodgers behind josh allen. Those guys and now in the afc. So i don't wanna hear next year. Oh he's got this great system you look around the afc. He doesn't have one of the top two receivers. The titans gonna have. An unstoppable offense. Chief shire's is really it must. He's informed but he's not he's not at five and ten with their againry and he's not two or three with adams. Dick's i'm sorry. Yeah with so. I'm just saying that. Jeeves a really good offense. It must just because patrick mahomes number that first point second point is we were talking about earlier. Guys who somehow aren't in the top ten and we set out them deal. And we said odell wild mentioned alan robertson brandon. Engine justin jefferson. Now we're at fourteen guys which does speak to the devil of the receiver position but then it occurred to me wait. There's somebody we're forgetting. That somehow was not in the top ten and didn't even occur to us as a snub. And that's amari cooper and the reason i bring that up is when we did the running backs list we add. Zeke was seven. And we're like yeah definitely not higher than seven. And then we're doing a wide receivers list and amari is like not even in the honorable mention category. So the question. I want to ask briefs bidders are we are we overvaluing cowboys weapons because we know the defense like hopes to just be average but the reason they are projected to be the best team in the division should be overpowered. But it looks like they've got around league average for a number one receiver. They've got a good but no longer great running back like the offensive line isn't what it once was due to know so like so. So are we overvaluing the cowboys offense. That's my question you brandon absolutely not. I'm not. I'm saw zeke. Focus getting in shape. Don't be like james harden don't know what's happening in texas was going on in texas houston dallas with these big bellies. Zeke had a big belly last year. Aren't going through his situation. He had a big belly. Lose the big bali zeke. There's no reason why we don't need. Fifteen hundred yards from zeke. You don't need that all you need to do is get me four yards a carry zeke. I don't need any loss yardage. Don't do that to us. Don't put us behind the stakes. If you do that then we will pick up where we left off last year and leave turnovers because last year before that went down they were averaging four hundred ninety seven yards and offense per game they the most explosive offense there with the banged up off into line. So now you have. I'm so glad you brought him up. Amari cooper we you talk about sweet rouse and playmaking ability. That dude is next level now. Once that went down there was towns. I whereas like man i can see mostly trying to stay trump fighting to stay in it. It was hard for him but he's still a dog. Don't get it twisted. And then you have a cd. Lamb cd lamb this. Do they have them in a slot right now with all obviously can play outside. This dude is different. He had a huge impact on offense last year. At as a rookie. And then gallup they have three number one wide receivers that can get it done and that prescott is entering into his prime. So i'm not trying to get on while not getting on the dallas cowboys hype train on not doing right. We talked about him every single year. What if that defense is decent. And dak. Prescott comes in and delivers could be your moment to actually have a take about the dallas house to me though but it does. It sounds to me at deck to the list of quarterbacks with way more weapons than mahomes. I don't see how patrick gets done. I mean three number one receivers. I don't do against getting your door. Nba finals game tomorrow. Night the series all tied to wind. And you start. Who wins game. Five bucks or son is take your pick. We've got about a minute left. Let's do this friday in. its own. bob. I'm going with the sons babies. Don't ask me who you call with your own. Let's go okay. it is. Friday is over the series nut over. I've got the sons by eleven. Yon still has a big game. But i don't think pat college has a big game. I think middleton also comes down to earth so sons by eleven. Let's go listen. I can't really brain still living in that song when doug sons have not debuted that terrible song. But i've got good news for suns fans i before the series picked every single one of these games. I'm four sons win. Five bucks when the two bucks lie still alive..

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