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Oh, thank thank you for speaking. Just a quick question. I work in a corporation here in New York and one of the toughest things with being an analyst here. It's just the fact of like when you actually escalate or which kind of feels like defeat, but also at the same time, you wanna make sure you loop somebody else to know what's going on. So just wanted us about that. Thank you. For me. I look at a problem. If I think I contain the problem, then I'm going to try and contain the problem. I recognize I weighed the risk of if this is wrong. What's going to happen? Can I manage that? Can I control can I have Zorba the impact of that? If I can't absorb the impact of it. Then I know it's okay. This I need to bring this up. I need to send this up the chain. If it's something that I know I can absorb the impact of and I can explain myself, and it will be sensitive won't have been a strategic loss or a major error. Then I'm gonna try hang onto it. And in the beginning, I'm gonna be I'm gonna air towards sending it up the chain of command as I start to trust myself. And I get better at my job. I'm going to hang onto more. But again, I'm always gonna way is this something that I could contain or I can absorb if it goes wrong. And if it's something that I can't. Hey, I'm gonna run up by somebody. So I think it's just got away that out. And once you weigh that out. Make a decision. And live with it. All right, go one more. Here. Microphone anyone? Mike writer..

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