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No end in sight in the partial government shutdown. President Trump will address the nation later on this evening. Delivering remarks that will focus on border security. And the ongoing partial government shutdown. The president writes on Twitter that he'll talk about the quote humanitarian and national security crisis on the US southern border. These remarks come as the president plans to travel to the border on Thursday. Karen Travers, ABC news, the White House. Vice President Mike Pence says it's more about national security than just a wall provide the kind of resources and reforms that will be necessary to address the humanitarian and security crisis at our southern border of the American people deserve nothing less and we'll carry the address live from the Oval Office at seven right here on KOA NewsRadio. The Denver city council. Bans gay conversion therapy for minors. That passed unanimously last night advocates for the Q community say it's a harmful practice for kids. Denver is the first city in Colorado to do that and passed that ban a measure to do. So statewide, though has failed four times if you're out walking the family dog definitely keep an eye out of late for coyotes. Their breeding season is getting underway and they're being spotted ever. Everywhere along metro area trails, they see dogs and cats is pray aggressive towards pets or you could even see progress towards humans at times, although do want to make it well known that attacks on humans are very rare Colorado department of parks and wildlife spokesman Jason clay says if you do see a Coyote tracking you make a lot of noise make yourself look big and throw rocks to scare them off. What would the Super Bowl be like without a halftime show? What wants civil rights organization would like to find out Griggs vice president of the Georgia into blaze EP as a dream. Who knows maybe they won't be a Super Bowl halftime hoping to shine a on police shootings and the NFL's treatment of the player who started the take a knee movement. Colin Kaepernick Grigg says he's already contacted some of the biggest music acts in the world asking them to forego any offer from the NFL to perform at the Super Bowl in Atlanta this year and asked for rapper Travis Scott reportedly confirmed to perform at halftime Griggs hopes to convince him to pull out as well. Pete combs, ABC news. Atlanta. You're up-to-date O'Mara Motors dot com, providing a look at your news, seven thirty six. Colorado's morning, news, KOA NewsRadio. Looking for information about retirement go-to, hansonmcclain dot com..

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