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Uhhuh these are the daily tech headlines for friday may eighteenth twenty eighteen i'm sarah lean location smart data aggregated that collects the real time location data on millions of cell phone customers via direct connections to sell carriers across north america headey bug and its website that allowed anyone to see where a person is located without obtaining that person's consent the site apparently had a trial period page that let users test the accuracy of its data it required explicit consent from the user before that location data could be used by sending a one time text message to the user however robert jau a phd student at the human computer interaction institute at carnegie mellon university tells ziti net skipping the consent consensus still revealed location data because one of the api is used in the trial page was not validating the consent response properly a new report from strategy analytics tracking smart speaker sales says apple sold an estimated six hundred thousand home pod speakers during the first quarter of twenty eighteen which is about six percent of the global smart speaker market amazon shipped in estimated four million echo smart speakers during the same quarter for a forty three point six market share and google shipton estimated two point four million google home speakers for a twenty eight point five market share alibaba also came in a head of apple with seven hundred thousand shipments and jami trailed behind with two hundred thousand cambridge analytica shutdown earlier this month saying the media coverage over how it collected eighty seven million facebook users information had driven away its customers reuters reports that cambridge analytica has now filed for chapter seven bankruptcy in the us bankruptcy court for the southern district of new york on thursday which cambridge analytica previously said it would do the verge obtained a leaked copy of an internal google video that illustrates how data could direct human behavior the video was made in twenty sixteen by nick foster the head of design at google's research and development division ex but the video itself is being called creepy and disconcerting least by some referring to richard dawkins.

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