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I mean more specifically that if you're sitting in one of them, you really can't tell whether you're in a twenty or twenty to twenty is going to two hundred horsepower engine does roughly a hundred and forty nuts. The twenty two is three hundred and ten or fifteen horsepower engine. And it'll do, you know, roughly one seventy five if you really really really high maybe close to two hundred nuts. Wow. Interesting. Well, I I watched some steps videos, and they're they're really great. The the latest one. I think it's the latest one is record. This is a pilot confidence self doubt, the impostor syndrome his right up. Description says do you sometimes doubt your abilities thinking you'll never be as good as other pilots or even some days? Feel scared to go fly every pilot faces self-doubt in their abilities at some point, especially when learning to fly in this video, I explained he says how I've doubted my abilities in how I deal with that as a pilot interesting, another one practicing electrical emergencies in the Cirrus s are twenty two. He and I think what I tried to do. Here was take a little clip from that steel clip from that where he describes what that that particular videos about this. Listen to this. Friends of recently been a little bit obsessed with these video I've seen on YouTube. It's by guy Kootenai county. He runs a saw in the US called Nicos wings. If you haven't seen Olmecs Nora linked to below and he released a video recently about a flight. He dating his serious. It's twenty two where he suffered some electrical failures he actually had to declare a made I an land the across quickly. And so we got me thinking what would I do in the event of an electrical fire in the twenty to the I fly these BDO finches me on a practice flight. I did recently with mine struck to Mike Walden tasting exactly that what would I do in a plane that's heavily focused on the electron IX avionics? What would I do? I lost some of his other videos are well other aspects aviation one is how good is Qantas inflight WI fi another one is titled inside and air traffic, control tower. So have a look at his YouTube channel again, his his website. If you can't remember anything else the easy way to get to the videos, go to his website, which is Steph S T E F seven four seven dot com in you can think.

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