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My guest today is even waldman. Even is a tiny house author speaker and teacher. He built his own tiny houses on wheels. In two thousand twelve and has been passionately helping future tiny house dwellers ever since. Welcome ethan thanks less. It's great to be here. So how did you first become interested in tiny houses. How far back do you want me to go. I guess a good place to start is. I was out of college for a few years Working a couple of different kind of corporate jobs. Getting getting my feet wet kind of experiencing that that nine five cubicle lifestyle and i was not digging it so i had moved to vermont and gotten a job with a smaller company hoping like hey maybe maybe the big corporate culture isn't for me but maybe if i moved to a place that i love it will work out but i still just found. It actually got worse. Because i moved to vermont surrounded by wonderful mountains and skiing and mountain biking all these these activities that i love to do finding that i was. I was locked down to a desk for for much too much time. And so i decided to take a sabbatical. The company was really flexible. So i took a month of took all my vacation time and then some unpaid time and i did a bicycle tour on the west coast of the united states. With my cousin you know where you have the four years on your bike. You're carrying all your gear It's like the tiniest of tiny houses because you're carrying all your stuff with you. It's almost nomadic and throughout the trip we actually used a website called couch surfing and stayed in several tiny houses. But when i got home from the trip. I really it kind of forced me to take a restock of my life. The house that i was renting seemed so big and so overkill and i just realized like oh i could. I could drastically reduce what i need for my housing

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