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Boyfriend's in your partner healthy and happy again so happy father's day to all the men out there and and i hope you learn a lot from us and make charge you make you healthier again immense health and fathers as of special weekend because a big message is really for men to go out and get screen and get tested without screening without knowing exactly what the issues are you would never know exactly what's going on and we've talked about this you know men we think we're strong we push our health all the way down the list and we don't really care about it until it's broken so we want you to know about top five dangerous to men's health and i'm going to go through all of them before we get into that i want to introduce a very special guest very good friend of mine from lenox hill hospital dr david rolling who is the chair of psychology and psychiatry lenox a hospital very prominent doctoring the field he's being i learned that he also shares some background i've been to stony brook medical school and he's certainly has gone through there and became very successful spend the twenty five years in academia at beth israel and we're honored to have him and has call him as my friend and colleague at lenox hill hospital the chair of psychiatry they're welcome david to our show and we re really looking forward to learning a lot from you today well thanks so much for having me david and happy father's day to all the dads out there thank you so much you know we're talking about the dangers of of of diseases such as you know the leading cause of death among minis cardiovascular disease we've had many cardiologists in the show before learning about like bad cholesterol heart disease knowing what your cholesterol level is and get it treated long cancer is another one obviously if you haven't started to smokes don't start and if you have been smoking look and talk to your doctor about getting your x rays getting your cat scan getting screened the other disease that's really big deal is prostate cancer you know i've been talking about this for years and we're not gonna spend too much time today about this because we don't want to bore you about that stuff but knowing your psa and.

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