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Nice so you know what i mean like i'm still waiting for tamra barney to just have come back to satan party i'm waiting for it okay reverse baptize that base i need her back play video coming out of the water so so they're basically host aussie is saying well the reason why we don't have to pool tips is because the reason why we do is because they're just like really much closer group in villa blanca like l blanca everyone's out from selves but like server like a close knit group af and she was like but it's like the same vela blanquita as like no it's like a different level of helping each other out here like if someone's in trouble we'll sleep with you okay okay go that extra mile we take tips and we also share scouts okay it's totally different seen as like that's not what i said the difference it's different you just don't understand because i said it in swedish gosh she's lying meantime the bottom that tired i'm like my lock gamy that's like eddie all over again read into that what you want i love win ben gets grown i'm like one of the everyone's like no not about eddie on yeah stasi's like me as cena me leblanc god like salty at sir i'm like in what ways actually there's nothing like you ever at all ever alike ever number hosted golfing glued stasi maybe they're maybe she's right.

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