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Why they rejected hearing these cases. This is overwhelming. And i would urge people to go to the gateway pundit dot com if they have an archive. There's a tremendous amount of information there that shows that this election was stolen and county after county city after city. Take a little break may interrupting. But i just wanted to say again. What they're doing now. Okay with what the left is doing and many in the center. Many fearful Some times genuinely cowardly republicans and other leaders are saying even to say what you just said. And what i've been saying is tantamount to whipping up violent revolution another words. If you exercise your free speech in america you are now being accused of whipping up violence. And i just want to say ladies and gentlemen understand. That is fundamentally un-american. It's unconstitutional and vile. It is a vile vile tactic to shut you up. We can never shut up. It's just an amazing thing that they're trying and largely succeeding. By god's grace they won't succeed with us and anyone listening well in probably eric At at minimum half the politicians in congress right now want to take away and deny first amendment free speech rights and other words you have elected members of congress who want to deny and shutdown political speech. That's exactly what the first amendment was about. It was to protect political speech and religious speech especially those that we disagree with. And now what we're looking at is a uniform forcement of uniformity of speech we have. We've seen speech codes and political correctness. We've never seen anything like this. This is a what you call a case of first impression. This is very different. We've seen it around the world north korea and other regimes that are oppressive. We've never seen this in the united states where you have broad election theft. But you have theft of president. Trump's identity theft of his voice his all. We have so much going on a stick with us for another segment congresswoman bachmann folks will be right back confusing the high Back.

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