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Tonight police in Colorado. Looking for a missing mother say they've finished searching her fiancee's property after bringing in heavy digging equipment and spending two days on Patrick phrase's? Thirty five acres of land. Investigators say they've found no sign of Kelsey Berith in missing persons cases, that appear to be suspicious you'd need to hone in as tightly as you can in this case the boyfriend the twenty nine year old pilot was last seen on Thanksgiving Day after shopping in this supermarket police say she met with Frasier to drop off their one year old daughter Kayleigh police a phrase is not considered a suspect or person of interest. But on Friday, they publicly urged him to speak with investigators. We have yet to have him sit down with one this visitors. And that's what we're asking for freeze. Attorney tells ABC news we encourage law enforcement to take whatever steps it deems necessary to find Kelsey Berith and to be able to exclude Patrick Swayze as a possible suspect. The The cup. couple's child now being cared for by phrasing. Police saying at this time the department of human services does not have evidence that Kaley safety is at risk while in his custody. And tonight, there is a twenty five thousand dollar reward for information that helps police find Berith, Tom MARCY. Thank you next tonight. New developments after that seven-year-old migrant girl died in US custody her family calling for a transparent and neutral investigation, even as her father is thinking the border patrol along with doctors and nurses for trying to save her life Jacqueline's now one of hundreds who die every year escaping extreme poverty trying to cross the border. Here's ABC's. Lana Zak tonight, the family of seven year old Jacqueline. Call McKean is calling for a fair investigation into the child's tragic death while in border patrol custody of a child is the most painful experience of heritable family can ignore lawyers for Jacqueline's family now, disputing.

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