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It's all right there plus the live video feed. It's the Joe Pags show else the week with Joepags for your weekend. We've got the the blaze radio network along for the ride away as well. We've got a lot going on. There is big happenings in Portland Oregon. Where the mayor might be the worst mayor in the country, although he gets a run for his money when it comes to other mayors like I, don't know to Blasios. New York and near in Bergen San Antonio and and go through several more. This guy's really really bad. The city's been under siege for weeks. For five weeks. Under siege by ANTIFA, which is not anti-fascist there in fact fascist. not letting people pass in certain streets, pulling people out of cars violently rioting. They're not really protesting anything. They just starting trouble. And this guy is beside himself. The president trump decided whenever not just going allow this to happen to a great city in the United States of America. In fact, we're going to take some action. So, we'll talk about that at length coming up. For sure also corona virus covid nineteen. The China virus would call today. Are we getting real numbers. More and more cases. Are exposed every day. Where we're being lied to about what somebody died from. It's very very strange truly is. At some point, we have to get real numbers or else. We can't really decide how to act. I've often said this. If I know the rules of the game. I can play the game. If another rules of the task I have to do or the life issue that I have to face. I can follow those rules. I don't know the rules of Corona virus or the China. Virus Orb Cova. I don't know the rules. Because you tell me that x number X.. Percentage of people are dying I. Take You at Your Word Than I listened to your advice. If you tell me certain amount of people are dying. And they're really not. then. You know what I mean. How do I act? Then do I wear a mask or not mask? Do I go shopping shopping. Do I? Shake somebody's hand elbow guy. So. You can't really follow the rules if they're lying about what the game is. We'll get into that as well. But I thought start out because she guys seemed to like the pags parodies. This week is story came out? That Burger King. was going to change. How the cows are fed. That where they're getting the beef. For Hamburgers? Burger King decided that the cows will be eating something that will give them less methane less gas. Less for lack of a better term farts. So they decided that they would, they would feed the cows differently as if we care. Got To be honest with you I. don't care what the cows eating as long as the Burger taste good. But then. They decided they would announce to us. That they would in fact change. How the how the? Cows were grazing. Or would they were eating to cut down on cow farts, because we know that cow farts are why the globe is warming, which it's really not. leaving, global warming anymore, we say climate change. Climate Change. That's what we say. So because of that I had a suggestion from somebody on the twitter's. You'd follow me Joe. Talk Show at Joey Keya. K., S.. H., O. W.. Suggestion was why not use a song Bob Seger. To outline this really dumb thing. That's happening a Burger King. So I went with it and I said you know what maybe I will. And then he started from the beginning. Which would be good? Little Song I like to call. Past the wind. Packs parody good morning in the morning scope? A seam like yesterday. About I drive.

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