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Looking for some practice squad guys in that group as well but that's that's what preseason sport exactly that's when you distant you know you hate to say it but your teammates are. You're kinda your competition. Forget it is guys. You're trying to you know beat out. So yep yep it's a harsh businessman it is yet guys. That's pretty much the gist of the the defense battle teams especially as we get own episode. Man okay hunter tastes there. You go yes. Save those fiery punter takes for next time but before we before we wrap things up guys. Want to read off. George stanzas found donation three dollars. George thanks again. We appreciate you. He says. I wish the nfl nfl. Expand the roster's after week. Their team let teams carry like seventy five players. Like the mlb does but you know after the fifty third player salary doesn't count so similar to the top fifty one rule that they have now that way you can let teams evaluate what they have for the next season in real game time. Yeah i mean. I honestly don't see the problem with expanding rosters. There's like a ton of free agents always on the market. So i i don't think the fifty-three especially if they keep adding games like they're planning to do you know i think it's going to need to come up to fifty five at least and i think it will fifty five very shortly. I think this kind of practice squad. Elevate two guys sort of thing is just kind of a precursor to the fifty becoming fifty five people on the roster but they expanded yeah expanded and i think they're going to. I think they're going to continue adding more practice squad slots next issues too. Yeah so. I think it's going to end up being like twelve practice squad slots over the next couple of years but yeah so i agree. George i mean. I don't really see the point in limiting rosters. You know if it was me. I would just abolish the practice squad and just let them all be on the roster but nfl teams. Don't want to pay them a full salary that that's why they won't do that so it's not like they need the money but they still won't do it so but yeah guys. Thanks for tuning in tonight. We appreciate you hanging out with us in the midst of the dead zone obviously not much going on in terms of actual news but we could still get excited about training camp talk about a few things and do it with a tremendous guest. Friend of the show randy havens. He's on twitter at mr randy havens randy. Any final falcons takes anything else. You'd like to share with people before we sign off tonight looking forward to the to the new season to the new coach to the new. Gm really hoping we'd turn this fucker around. Yes we haven't. We didn't get your record prediction for this year. So how do you feel on right now. What's what's your record prediction. Seventeen games going. Seventeen seventy two. No may yeah. I think it was dan. The man or something like that and the chat said were going to go. Fourteen in three and erica's like if they foresee three. I'll get a tattoo. So we're still tracking that so yeah so we'll we'll keep an eye on that one but randy. Thanks for coming on man. Always a pleasure to have you on. Thank you for having me on the show friend of the show at this point. Yeah yeah best friend. I would think so. Yeah yeah you're at the duke that out with keenan you know you guys are doing it out for the title best friend but why can't you do best friends. You know aren't aren't former layer. Best friends we got. Everybody has their niche. You know so but yeah. Thanks again. Randy we appreciate. You mean you. We also have us of course chat. Yes big thanks jan ups pickups guys like it. Subscribe all those good things at this. Evan burchfield director guests personnel at every brookfield on twitter. Evan anything else. You're working on anything. You'd like to plug i've yet to see a pay raise from that title but yeah i don't know yeah dave you know. He's he's doing the handles that so. Yeah sometimes titles just title i guess so yeah Nothing really plugged likened. Subscribe to this channel if you haven't already Followed instagram the underscores alcoholic Follow me on twitter at edinburgh field in just go the foul call dot com in. Read our stuff. Yep yep we're we're still all follow randy. Oh yes friend of the show. Yeah where going me. I know i know i know you are asking everyone. Who's no having seen him. He's been in some great films and great shows so you guys. I mean if you're not following he didn't say that no no that was just that one hundred percent genuine payment was like you had to say that i then you've gone through right so technically it wasn't he he has not been paid to say payment was conditional. Yes exactly the payment is on the way now. It is sent. I just click the button. So thank you for that. Welcome yep but guys check out on twitter as well. He also was the falcons instagram page to check that out as well notably followed by the falcons official accounts as well. Apparently so apparently. Yeah but that's for another show. But guys i'm kevin night alcoholic kevin on twitter again. Check out the dot com. Follow the show f alcoholic live..

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