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How likely is the audience to catch. Nineteen from a drummer on a stage. It's all about the image. It's all about you know what people think and what they're just don't publicize the fact that he's not vaccinated. Just do that. They could but it's signaling you know. Hey we're so serious about this vaccine. We kicked out our drummer and they had the same drummer since you know. This is this. He isn't the first one he he didn't. He didn't start with the band. But you know what foo fighters doing the same thing. They are only going to have vaccinated concerts yet. Only vaccine people allowed in. There are some performers though who are making a stand eric clapton. He he got the jab. And that's oh city. Oh yeah he got really sick understand he was. Hey this this is not necessarily a good thing for everybody. Busta rhymes recently came out. He was talking trash about the vaccinations and all that stuff on stage. Recent talking trash about the vaccinations is the wrong. Is the wrong way to go about this. I think talking trash. About johnson and johnson pfizer madonna and their history as big pharma and the evil. Things they have done is the way to go about five. I don't remember exactly what he said. I didn't watch a clip from it. And i was really happy to see what he was saying. So i'm not going to criticize somebody for taking the side against tyranny. And that's what he's doing. He also got into crypto currency recently. Well as far as the question of record companies working with pharmaceutical companies conan. Obviously i don't have any evidence for this. But i mean it's not. It wouldn't be unheard of to think that the executives of these corporations are coming together in places like the world economic forum or the club for a club of rome or of it to a one the right before this all hit off. They had all kinds of bigwigs in that room talking. About what a what a what a pandemic would look like and how we gonna respond this one month before. This happened And it was. He had the he had the.

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