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To getting snow, and is dealing with a nightmare scenario tonight outside of Charlotte, a down tree leading to at least one fatality across the region fallen trees blocking roads, helping cause more than three hundred seventy five thousand people to lose power across five states. I mean, how often in North Carolina you've got to get this thing out. Never concerned is the first time the snow so deep in downtown Greensboro, where they got a foot of snow. Stuck in their good? It's four wheel drive Kubota. Plow getting stuck. That's ABC's. Rob Marciano police in green township of arrested a Miami township man who is suspected of stealing packages off the porches of several homes. The crimes were caught on surveillance cameras. A suspect is seven year old. Andrew Felix a police pursued ending with a record this morning and Middletown the Ohio State patrol tried pulling over a car at route twenty two in Dixie highway overnight, but it took off made it all the way to share in villa before it hit a trooper's patrol car. No, serious, injuries reported Fiona or the likeness of the Cincinnati. The favorite hippo Cincinnati will be taking part in the nutcracker. If you're a fan of the owner of the hippo from the Cincinnati zoo and aquarium get ready to see her on stage this holiday season Cincinnati ballet is ready to open up its annual production of the nutcracker this week at the music hall where the popular hippo we'll be depicted as a character. The first shut will take place this Thursday December thirteenth. And we'll run through Christmas Eve tickets are currently on sale at sea bellai dot org. That's the letter C, ballet dot ORG. Sean Gallagher, NewsRadio seven hundred w l w the Bengals losing another one. A losing streak is five..

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