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This way because there isn't it got close to the kids to boast about what we're we're the leak stops this is unfair the boy grabbed and andre drummond era the motor city firing on all cylinders it is early we're gonna keep saying that it's early but last night they deeply beat the blazers much twenty they are fornos since the trade three you know when he actually put his pistons are neck and neck with the sixers for the eastbound the east how seriously do take this team alkuz boost to merge the playoffs when we look at the chemistry used to afford news with a similar so would the andrei was door with blake blake was used to come and bill door fancy lost a dj on drew roman plays that similar roumman these are kind of player like these guys will strictly in the paint guys car flyers is no surprised great comes be right now that's the most important thing because everything else can kind of be changed wrapped they are heavily invested in these two guys on longterm max von threats for the next three or four years these guys got to work together already there with the two returns are positive and secondly and those is going to sound strange but forever reason avery bradley was it working playing with them when the avery bradley play they were negative plusminus so even not having avery bradley on the court not that i'm taking a shot at him but just didn't work there there've been gotten better with your perimeter play because they resigned the courts are the combination of those two things have helped them be incredibly impressive unease first four games i'm just gonna say it better be working out this is the youngest blake's going to be this at the least you're going to have salary committed to and you get roll.

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